This Portland and Seattle trip was amazing

To begin with … this Portland and Seattle trip was amazing thanks to all the coordinators who organized the trip for the exchange student and chaperons who instructed us all.   Before the trip, I thought it was not going to be as good as the previous San Francisco trip the exchange students had. Firstly, it’s because San Francisco is better known for their … Read More

“I will miss my wonderful host family”

My name is Eliska, but I like people to call me Eli.   I am from the Czech Republic, a tiny country in the heart of Europe. I came to the United States, to Texas in August. The first big problem I had was the hot weather in Houston. Back in the Czech Republic, the weather is much cooler, so it took me … Read More

“how proud their parents would be”

Two ICES exchange students are small community “movie stars” in Minnesota.   Arman from Berlin and Yip (Antony) from Hong Kong are a double placement at the home of Joni and Lyle Anderson. Their host brother, Nolan, is in 7th grade, his siblings are adults and live away from home. The family lives on a very large farm. What could … Read More

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a new host family?

Here is a great story from one of our new host mothers this year in Arkansas – and how this has changed her life.   “Late last summer a friend of mine told me she was hosting a foreign exchange student. I was intrigued and started asking all kinds of questions. Less than a day later I had decided to … Read More

…and this is what Victoria is writing about her time in Arkansas

The experience of the exchange program is different for each person.   For me, this experience from the beginning to the end was about love. Staying at the house of people you have never seen or having a strange teenager with a different culture does not seem to be a task easy, but in my opinion when love is involved … Read More

To Host… or Not to Host

Host what? Foreign Exchange Students! Why?   We would like to share this nice article written by one of our ICES host mothers in Iowa. Linda Deutmeyer was host mom of senior student Victoria from Spain during program 2014-15. Victoria appears on the picture. She is presently in Iowa attending College. Linda and Victoria have maintained a strong and loving relationship. … Read More

Thanks Letter

Thanks letter from Yuzhi (Jack)   Time pasts like a shuttle crossing, days past like sand dropping from our hand. As those big events come and go; time is coming, for my flight back home. Looking back on how it was these five months makes me have a strong sense of shame that my English can express not even half of my … Read More

My dream came true!

My dream came true!     “I planned to be an exchange student ever since I was a little girl. This exchange semester has been the most incredible experience ever. I am so grateful for my host family! They are smart, kind and beautiful family. I learned so much from them. I am sure these moments with them will be … Read More

She enjoys living the life of an American teenager…

Linnea is a 19 year old girl from Sweden and is currently spending her year in Red Bay, Alabama.   She’s living with Jason and Jessica Webb, and has a host sister from Thailand named Maya. In her extended family there are also two male exchange students, Andy from China and Pat from Thailand. Linnea plays softball and spends a … Read More

Thank You … for opening your heart and home

Thank You … for opening your heart and home   Last night I was finally able to spend some time with Emma’s parents and her host family. Lisa and Tomas flew all the way from Sweden to meet her amazing host family and see their little girl. We laughed and cried reminiscing about our lives. 10 months ago I was … Read More