The power of One

By Misty Howse, Gui’s host mother and ICES Local Coordinator in Alabama     I yelled from the sidelines, so excited, as Guilherme (Gui) scored the first two goals of the game for the Cullman Bearcats in the 3rd round of state playoffs. Just three days earlier, he had made the winning goal that pushed his team on toward the … Read More


Every April for the past 60 plus years, Wilmington, NC has hosted the North Carolina Azalea Festival. Wilmington just happens to be the azalea capitol of North Carolina.   This is a demonstration of southern charm at its finest. A large part of the festival are the Azalea Belles. Over a 120 young women, high school juniors and seniors, serve … Read More

My American experience…

Hey, my name is Rebeka and I am an exchange student, living in Brandon, Mississippi.   I am from a small town in Slovakia, where my whole family lives and where I have the best friends I could ever wish for! When I heard about the opportunity to write an article about me being in USA, I didn’t hesitate for a … Read More

“Where in the world is Guillem?“

I remember the beginning of this experience as a normal day of school in my town of Sant Cugat, Barcelona.   I arrived home, to find my parents sitting in front the computer, this is not normal. As I proceeded to greet them, they told me that they had something important to tell me…I had a new family! A family … Read More

Chaos? What Chaos?

The Weiler family experience hosting a foreign exchange student   Four kids, two in high school and two in grade school; a farm with around 75 animals, not counting the dog and two cats; all the goings on of daily life with a couple of parents who work full time. If that’s not enough chaos, we have recently relocated from … Read More

PAULA: I know that it is a little bit late, but here is my report

PAULA: I know that it is a little bit late, but here is my report: On Thanksgiving day we went to Los Angeles, California to spend Thanksgiving dinner with Jackie’s family. I took a lot of pictures and they are so pretty. Then we went to Las Vegas and we were there for two days. It was awesome and so … Read More

ICES Video Contest 2015-2016 “My Student Exchange Experience”

ICES Students … Document your Exchange Experience!   Five $150 Gift Cards to the winners You have just begun a new chapter in your life … An adventure of a lifetime, soon filled with wonderful memories … but also a milestone in your life that will come to an end when you return to your home country. ICES invites you … Read More

CSIET’s 14th Annual Art Cover Design Contest

CSIET’S 14TH ANNUAL ART COVER DESIGN CONTEST   CSIET is excited to announce their 14th Annual Art Cover Design Contest! CSIET will be accepting cover design submissions from high school exchange students and ICES encourages all students on program to consider this opportunity. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize and will be featured on the cover of the … Read More