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Being A Local Coordinator

Being an ICES Rep

Being a Local Coordinator with ICES provides an exciting opportunity to assume a leadership position and to make a meaningful contribution to your community.

ICES Local Coordinators come from many walks of life and play an important role in increasing community awareness of other cultures and expanding the perspectives of those around them. They are the people who provide local support and assistance to the exchange students, host families and participating schools.

Local Coordinator Duties

Contact the schools in their area to discuss the ICES program. Local schools must approve the ICES program before students can be placed in the area.

Complete the Request and Intent to Place form by working with the High School Principal or designated School Administrator.

Promote the ICES program by spreading the word about ICES throughout their community.

ICES Rep Duties

Recruit, screen, and interview prospective Host Families prior to the student's arrival, verifying that they meet ICES standards for Host Families.

Place students with approved families. Complete and submit the placement paperwork required by the ICES National Office and the Department of State.

Conduct orientations with Host Families and Exchange Students, including a Welcome Orientation and a Re-entry Orientation.

If necessary, in conjunction with our Student Affairs department, ICES Local Coordinators provide counseling to students and host families, addressing small issues before they become large problems.

Local Coordinator Benefits

ICES Rep Benefits

ICES Local Coordinators receive monetary compensation and other variable benefits such as goal-based National and International annual group trips.

If you are interested in joining ICES as a Local Coordinator, please fill out the On-Line Application Form. It’s simple and carries no obligations.

If you prefer a personal contact, please call the ICES National Office of Recruitment and Development at 702-425-6066, or call toll-free at 1-888-887-9915 (within the USA), or if you prefer email, please drop us a line.