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Avenue des Champs-Ellsyees

How many times have you dreamed about getting out and seeing the world. We often wonder about what it is like in other parts of the world. How would it be to walk along the Avenue des Champs-Ellsyees and visit the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. See firsthand the wonders of Carnival in Brazil, visit the historic palaces of Germany, the Fjords of Norway and the exotic lands of Asia. All of this while learning the language of the land where you are spending a Semester or Academic Year studying abroad.

Through the availability of the Internet, we live in a world that becomes more and more open to us every day. We see the world, but do we really experience the world as well? There is a large world out there that you can’t experience through a textbook or on the Internet. A semester or school year abroad will allow you to live the experience of a lifetime. You will return home changed forever in a grand and positive way.

Eiffel Tower

During your time abroad you will learn about the differences and similarities in the people that you meet. By learning another culture you learn to appreciate your own culture as well. Too often we live safe in our own little world of understanding and fail to understand the reasons that others believe as they do. Open your mind and open your heart and you will live the dream. You will develop friendships that last a lifetime and gain knowledge and understanding that cannot be achieved in any other way.


You will learn to be independent, self-confident and assured. You will gain a respect for others and tolerance that is so often missing in our world today. While we do not all believe the same, you will find that many beliefs are not that far apart.

When you return home you will find that the experience will help you in many ways that you may not have anticipated. Universities and Employers look upon students that have studied abroad in a favorable way. They realize that returned Exchange Students are more mature and versatile and bring a broader perspective in their studies and experience. In addition, after a semester or a year spent in another country you will gain a fluency in another language that cannot be gained by simple study itself.

Best of all, you will return from your year abroad with lifelong relationships from another land that could never be gained in any other way. Open your heart and eyes and see and feel the world.