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Study in US as a J-1 "Public School" Student

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The student exchange experience is an unforgettable one. Your year will be filled with new discoveries about yourself and others while you live in another country, attend a new school, become fluent in English, and discover different customs. Most importantly, you will make new friends and live an adventure with memories that will last a lifetime.

ICES students are between 15 and 18 years old and come from Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, North, Central and South America. Upon acceptance, ICES students are given an orientation in which the goals and rules of the program are discussed with the student and his/her natural family. While living in the United States, ICES students have the same responsibilities as American teenagers - they must help with family chores and observe all family rules. ICES students are fully covered by insurance and provide their own funds for clothing, entertainment, and spending money.

General Requirements

ICES Student and President Hillary Clinton

To be accepted into the ICES Programs, students are thoroughly screened for Emotional and Intellectual Maturity, as well as for English Skills, and Academic Achievement. Only students who show exemplary Character, Flexibility, and Curiosity are accepted. They must have finished their Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior High School year with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Students are expected to abide by ICES policies and procedures, to maintain good grades, and to follow the rules of the Host Family while in the USA. Students are not guaranteed participation on a School Sports Team and are not guaranteed to receive a High School Diploma.

Exchange students to the US should realize that there will be obvious differences - like language, currency, and food. There will no doubt be some unexpected differences as well! It is the ability to cope with changes that makes a student’s exchange a success. If you understand that “different” doesn’t necessarily mean “wrong,” then your experience will be exciting and memorable.

High School Program

High School

Program: International students, age 15-18, live with a US host family and attend a local High School

Program length: Semester or school year

Application: Students submit their applications through a local Student Exchange Agent in their home country, when possible. To be connected with the most suitable partner organization and/or to receive further information about the ICES High School Program in the US, please fill out the Online Application Form.

Personal contact: If you have other questions about our High School Programs, please call 1-702-874-3838 or 1-888-893-7750 (within US) or contact us online.

Online Application