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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!




My name is Alba and I’m fifteen years old. I’m a little short girl with long and naturally brown hair, but at the moment it is black because I dyed it; I have honey green eyes, I have pale skin and I have some ear piercings. I am a hardworking, happy and kind person. Although I think what highlights me most is that I’m kind of shy and stubborn. The fact of being shy makes it hard for me to socialize with people and I get a little nervous when I meet new people, but I consider myself as an open-minded person whom you can talk about anything. I also get stressed easily, because as a stubborn person, I always want to do everything from the first moment. I laugh easily, even with my own jokes nonsense! And I like to make others laugh. But on the other hand, I’m quite sensitive and I care about other people’s opinions about me.

I like to draw, I’m not that good, but it’s pretty entertaining. I also like a lot listening music, it calms me down and I usually listen to it everywhere. I like watching movies and series like anime, including Disney and childish movies. I like the beach, maybe I don’t go very often, but seeing it and walking there makes me happy. I also like theme parks and I would like to learn how to skate. I’m really interested in acting and I used to go to a theatre club. On the other hand, I don’t like noisy places and vegetables.

I was born in a small inland province, but we moved, due to my parents’ work, to another city in the south of the country; a totally different city, with beach and a subtropical climate. But as we were still in the same country, we’ve been following the same customs since our whole life. Therefore, something I am very interested in about this program, is the mutual cultural enrichment, and I’d like to know much more about the American customs and at the same time, to be able to show part of my culture to my host family.

In my family, we are four members and a dog. My parents have studied veterinary in the university. However, my father is currently a sanitary inspector and he is a clever and funny person. He loves football and cooking. Meanwhile, my mother is a Biology teacher in a high school. She’s a friendly and hardworking person and she likes to read books and travel. My brother is twenty years old and is studying in the university to be a nurse. He is an extroverted and funny person and he likes playing football and to hang out with his friends. My dog is five years old, she looks like a sausage because she has a long body and really short legs.

I’d say my relation with my family is really good and we always try to help each other. Sometimes we have some conflicts, such us when my parents get mad at my brother and me when things don’t go their way or we fight over who’s going to watch the TV, I think that’s pretty normal though.

As expected, classes are getting harder. By the way, my favourite subject is Biology and as my parents also like science, they always help me.

My school is new and consists of the main building, a gym and in the future they’ll open a cafeteria. I’m not going to lie, I hate school because teachers send us a lot of homeworks and the most important grades are from exams, besides, they don’t allow us use our phones. I actually don’t know how American schools are and I cannot wait to see them.

I don’t know yet what to do in the future, but I’m pretty sure I’ll study something related with sciences.

As I said at the beginning I was born in an inland province and I lived there for six years. While I was living there I met my best and childhood friends. As the rest of my family lives there too, whenever I visit them, I go to see my friends and go out with them. Sometimes I sleep over my best friend’s house, who has the same age as me, we have a similar personality and we both have a broken sense of humor, that’s why we laugh at whatever. In our group, there are two others, both are the same age and they are very funny. When we hang out, we like to go shopping, watch movies or have a walk. In the city that I’m living right now I also have friends to hang out with but I don’t really have a group of friends.

My mother always told me to study abroad for a year, but I thought it was a bad idea. But over the years, I changed my mind and decided that I would like to study at US, because apart from being able to improve my English, it would be an incredible and unique experience. I actually don’t think I have such a really good level of English, although I hope I can defend myself. I feel really lucky to be able to have this great opportunity and get to know a new culture, its customs and how people are there.

I usually help my parents in housework and I do what they ask me. Normally, every morning I make my bed, I tidy my room and I prepare my own food (simple dishes like scrambled eggs, sausages, instant noodles, etc..) I sometimes washes dishes and I always set and take the table.

Talking about how we eat at home my family and me. For breakfast,when we get up, we make our own breakfasts and eat at the time everyone wants, but it has to be before lunch. For lunch, my father is the one who cooks and we have lunch all together in a big table. For dinner, my parents usually eat simple things like a salad or a snack. And my brother and me have dinner when the want and we make our own food.

For Christmas, we usually go to see our family in the city we’re from, so we go there by car and stay at my grandmother’s house. For Christmas Eve, we have dinner at my uncle’s house (my mother’s brother) to see my uncle, my aunt, my grandparents and my cousins. For New Year’s Eve, we have dinner in my another uncle’s house (my father’s brother) and we have a really good time. I love Christmas!

Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality. I can’t wait to meet you!


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