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Dear family,

My name is Albane, I’m 15 years old, I’m in freshman year (9th grade) in high school. In France we say class of 3ème in collège.

I live near Bordeaux with my mother, my sister, she’s 11 years old and my brother, 10 years old.

Monday to Friday, I walk to school because it’s near our appartment from 8 clock in the morning to 16h30. We have an hour to eat at noon.

We are studying French, Mathematics, History, Sciences , English, Music, Drawing and sport.

We also have many work to do at home for school. That take me a lot of time each day.

When I’m done with my school work, if I have enough time, I like to read book especially detective stories. I also like to watch tv with my family. On the week-end, I go with my friends in the forest near our house. Sometimes my aunt and my cousin are coming along and we all go to walk in this forest where there are games for kids.

I have three cousins, one who is 3 years old, and two others who are 4 months, they are twins.

I really like to take care of them.

My grand parents, the parents of my mother, leaves far away , but they often come to see us, they don’t work anymore.

I also play piano I’m learning alone with an app since two years.

I like photography all of it , take pictures and be a model.

I was in a theater group for one year but I had stop because of the sanitary situation.

In holidays, I ‘m going at my dad’s house.We have more than four hours by car to go there.

Over there, I can see my other grand parents, my aunt and my three cousins. I don’t see them a lot so I’m verry happy when we are together.

At home, I help my mother as often as I can. I clean my room, and with my brother and my sister we dress the table alternatively each day.

Wednesday we only have school on morning. My mother working so I cook for my brother and my sister and I start my school work and clean the house a little.

I really like to be and talk with adults. I often stay with my mom and her friend when we see them. I’m mature, autonomous and responsible.

I would love to discover your country and learn English. Coming to the US would be a great oppornunity for me, a real plus for my education and a real personal enrichment.

To share with you your culture, to make your disvover mine. I am not necessarily a great cook, but I could make you dicover French dishes.

I sincerely hope that you will be able to welcome me in your family, it will make me really happy to live this experience in your home.

Sincerely yours,


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