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16, Male Student ID: 198USSP018JYM Spain

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Football (Soccer)
Skiing or Snowboarding


My name is Alberto, I am 16 and I am from Spain. We live in a house outside of Spain’s capital in a nice neighborhood where I have met many friends.

I live there with my parents, my brother Alessandro that is 13 and our dog Rocky. My father is an Italian engineer that works in a telecommunication Company and my mother is HHRR and administrative responsible in a small service Company. We are a very close family and we usually spend a lot of time together, sometimes we receive visit also from my uncles and my grandmother.

Two-three times a year we visit also my grandparents and my little cousin Gaia in Italy. When I was born my father began to speak me in Italian, so I Speak Italian with my Italian family and friends.

I am catholic, but I respect other religious beliefs.

I love sports, soccer is my real passion: After school and homework, I train three time a week with my team. During weekend, I play the championship game. Sometimes I also plays tennis and go to ski with my father and my brother, sports that I have been practicing since I was 5-6.

However, my soccer passion is not only for playing: Real Madrid is my dream and I always do my best not to lose any Real Madrid match, going to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium if it is possible, or watching the match on TV if I don’t have time enough to go to the stadium.

I generally like to practice any kind of sports that can be made in the beach, where my family and I are used to spend our summer holidays, both in Italian and in Spanish coasts. Occasionally, we travel other countries to know its culture, cities… Recently we travelled to Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Arab Emirates.

During summers I usually go during 15 days to a camp near the mountains with my brother and friends.

My other hobby is to go out with my school friends. We usually meet on Friday and Saturday evening to have dinner (I love pasta, pizza, hamburgers, French fries and Coca-Cola), to go to spend some time together.

I would like to have an American brother or sister and friends of my age or similar to go together to High School and to practice sports, and to show me USA’s culture, customs… I´m thankful for spending ten months of my life in USA with you, I know how important this life experience can be for my future.

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