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15, Male Student ID: 228USSP026JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Band and Orchestra
Football (Soccer)
Ice Hockey
Skiing or Snowboarding


Dear host family,

My name is Alex, I’m 15 years old but I will be 16 about 4 months after I arrive. I live in Barcelona, a very nice city that I recommend to visit one day. I live with my family, we are father and my mother, and my two siblings who are 11 and 13. My father has a company of home appliances and my mother is a lawyer at a multinational bank.

I go to school near were I live, it is a big school whit 2.500 students. I started at age 3 and will be until end of high school. We are around 30 people in each class. We have a very big soccer field and some basketball and roller hockey courts, as well as others sports. I like very much the subjects related with numbers such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Technology, and I will like to study mechanic engineering and then a master, maybe an MBA but I still have to decide.

Every day we start class at 8 am so I have to wake up at 7 am. At 11 am we have a 15 minutes break and we normally play football (soccer) or chat with my friends at the playground. We continue with classes until 1:15. I go home to have lunch, most of the times at my grandmother’s place and at 3 pm we go back to class until 5 pm. Then I go back home, do homeworks, study and training hockey three days a week.

In my spare time I like to play lots of sports and hanging out with my friends. During three days a week I play roller hockey and we play matches on the weekends. I also play paddle frequently with my friends and my family. I like to play golf with my grandmother and my dad. In summer holidays when we go to my mother’s hometown I like to surf. Definitively I love to practice any sport and once I will go to USA I would love to play American football or baseball.

When I go out with my friends, I normally go to have a Coke with and talk. Most of the times we normally meet to play paddle, go to a swimming pool at one of my friend’s home and many other things. Normally I don’t care what do we do, I just like staying whit them and having fun.

In my opinion I am a very nice guy, very respectful and with good manners. I always help people if they need. People say that I am very funny, also I’m shy when I meet new people but once I get used to the group I start to be more comfortable and more opened.

I’m very excited to go to United States. I’m willing to live this awesome experience, learn a different way to live and culture and remember it all my live. My father speaks us in English since I was 4 years old, he always explain how great is to live in USA and how challenging is the American culture. I am also wondering to learn as much as English as I can, and of course I am very thankful to my parents that gave me this opportunity.

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