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16, Male Student ID: 218USSP427JYM Spain

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Hello I am Alejandro, I am 16 years old. I live in Spain, Europe in a coastal city in the south est of Spain.

I like all kind of sports but for me the best is surfing. Surfing for me is everything I try to surf all days, if there aren’t waves I train out of the water too. One year ago I leave all other sports because the only that I want to do is surf and training surf. I did judo, football, rugby and swimming. I like to try all kind of sports like my parents.

My family support me a lot, the most is on surfing. I have a great opportunity with my family because they like traveling around the world and we always try to go to places with sea and with waves. We also go to the places to know the city non only for surfing. Last year we went to Rome to visit the city. I think that Rome is beautiful because there are ancient sculptures and a lot of history. We went on christmas and it was very beautiful.

I have all type of friends, I have high school friends and surfing friends. I think that my close friends are surfing friends because we speak about surfing and that’s the best thing. I have an instagram account that I post my life, like when I am with my surfing friends and we end the surfing time I take a photo and I post on my history of instagram. I like to post some surfing photos in my profile.

Last year I was volunteer in the surf club. I like to help other people and of course because I am doing something in the sea and that’s the best thing. This year I worked in the surf club because I did so well last year that they hire me.

My city is a nice place at the Mediterranean Sea, to visit because the weather and the food is very good and people too.

I would like to live in EEUU for one year, to live american culture and way of living. I am very excited to live this great experience.

This is my letter, thanks for read it and I hope you’ll like it.

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