Aleksandra (Serbia)

17, Female Student ID: 228TTSR001JYF

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LETTER FROM Aleksandra (Serbia)

Aleksandra (Serbia)

Dear future host family,

My name is Aleksandra. I am 17 years old, currently a third-year student in high school. I come from Belgrade, a beautiful city and capital of Serbia, a country located in South-eastern Europe. I will start the introduction with my family. I am the youngest of three children. Some might say a family favorite (I can’t argue with them). Two older brothers, one 25, and one 23 years old. One of them graduated in mechanical engineering from University at Buffalo in New York. I have a really close relationship with my eldest brother. He loves trying and cooking various cultures’ cuisines. I love spending time with him, so the two of us are most likely to be seen in the kitchen. My middle brother is a big sports fan! He follows soccer, basketball, and football events. He has a protective role in my life like he is that “older brother” you call when someone is bothering you in school. My father and mother run a family company and are quite busy during the day but still manage to spend time with us. My brothers work as engineers at the company and plan to expand it in the future

As far as my personality goes, I am a very sociable and outgoing person, mostly thanks to my mother. When I was younger she drove me to so many extracurricular activities where I had the opportunity to meet many new people. For example, after elementary school, I also went to a musical school and played the piano for 6 years. Unfortunately, I stopped playing when I got to high school, but I practice from time to time so I don’t completely forget how to play it. Over the years, I went on all sorts of sports, like volleyball, ballet, gymnastics, artistic swimming and every kind of dance. Volleyball was the sport where I had lots of fun and met amazing friends so I would love to play it again.

I am not really a winter person, summer sits better with me. I love the feeling of sun rays touching my face while I feel the summer breeze and the smell of barbecue cooking in the distance. Riding a bicycle or taking a walk in the park with friends or family puts a smile on my face when I think about it.

As far as music goes, I listen to everything. Anything that has a good dancing rhythm. My latest music favorite is Korean pop music. After listening to Kpop, I started following Korean drama shows and reading more about their culture in general! I think I watched over 80 Korean dramas and even caught some of the catchphrases and jokes. Last year I expanded to Japanese, Chinese and Thai dramas. It’s exciting for me to know that the USA is rich with having people from all of these and many other cultures I will hear more about!

When it comes to food, I was raised to be very open-minded and love to try everything new. I have no special dietary restrictions. I love fast food as much as the other girl but I try to stay away from it because I tend to gain weight easily. I have no allergies, but I think I might have a mild seasonal allergy problem.

Going to the USA to study wouldn’t be my first separation from my parents. So far I have traveled to various places with my family on summer vacations but I have also been to a couple of trips of my own. In middle school, I was in the school choir and we traveled to competitions and performances in Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. My first independent trip was a 3-week language learning course to the United Kingdom. After spending 3 weeks there without my family and independently managing my money, I am comfortable to say that I can take on my second big independence step and that is going alone to the USA for my exchange year.

I live in the suburb of Belgrade. It is not crowded and is full of very nice and friendly people. Although most of my friends are not from here, I do love to hang out with teenagers who live here. Actually one of my best friends lives only a couple blocks from me. Although it is still a city environment, the warmth and friendliness of neighbors and friends have more of a small-town vibe.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter! I am really looking forward to meeting you! I am sure that this exchange year with you as my host family will be full of amazing memories and stories I will talk about, just like my brothers are telling me about right now!

Until meeting you, I wish you all the best.

Sincerely yours,


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