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15, Male Student ID: 228INSP104JYM Spain

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My name is Alvaro, I’m a 15 year old boy from a city in the north of Spain. I lived my entire life here. I would describe myself as shy. At the beginning but then I’m not ,and also athletic, my favorite hobbies are sports and I like to practise many of them.

My dad is a manager of a company about 45 minutes away from our home. My mom works in his own company, owned by her and her siblings. This was founded by my grandad and now its owned by them. Then my sister, who is 19 years old, studies at the University, she wants to be a lawyer. We all live in the same home, and we have all a good relationship. We like to ski together and to watch soccer.

Now I am in “3ero de la Eso”, 9th Grade, but next year I will be in 10th grade, what is “4to de la Eso” here. My favorite subjects are P.E, History and Physics. I’d like to study engineering or something similar. My school isn’t really a big school, compared to the American ones, but is located in the center of the city so I can go walking from my home and that is really comfortable. As I said my school isn’t really big so it has 3 classrooms per course. I like this school and as I have friends here I’ve been to the same one all my life.

Here I have a group of friends and we hang out on Fridays and weekends in the city. We often go to a shop to buy some pipas (sunflower seeds) and talk or go to McDonalds and have dinner there. A day in my life I think it’s pretty boring take for example a Tuesday, I think is the worst day in my week, I wake up about 7.00 AM and have breakfast and prepare, I get dressed, brush my teeth and put on my contacts and at 7.35 I go walking to my school, I reach there at 8.00 AM and I have lessons till 1.00 PM. I go to my grandma’s home and have lunch. I rest a little bit and I go back to school at 3.00 PM. I have 2 more hours of lessons and I go straight to German classes from 5.20 PM to 7.00PM. I go back home and I take a shower, do homework and study. around 9.00PM me and my family have dinner and talk about our days. Finally I brush my teeth and go to bed. I use to practise sports on Wednesdays when I have much more free time because I finish school at 3.00PM. I have German classes Tuesdays and Thursdays and also I have English lessons on Fridays.

During weekends here in Spain we often do many things, some weekends me and my family go skiing to the Pyrenees or we often go to a house that we have in the countryside and hang out with some friends we have there.

The main reason why I want to go to the US is the experience gained there,also my sister went, a few years ago, the whole year to Colorado, and this has boosted me into making this decision. Learning about American culture is also very interesting and being able to exchange culture I think is really important. Improving my English level is also a motivation to go.

I’ve only been once by myself abroad, it was in Manchester 2 years ago. I was in an english-soccer camp. Well it was not really a camp because we stayed in residences, we went to english lessons and then we trained in Manchester City (Soccer Club) facilities, I stayed there for 2 weeks, it was a good experience. With my parents I’ve been abroad plenty of times because my family and I like traveling, we’ve gone to the US, Thailand, Italy…

I’m my house we split the tasks, my dad makes dinner, my mom cleans and my sister and I help them on those tasks. I also try to have my room cleaned.

My favorite hobby is sport in general, mainly soccer. I’m a supporter of a local team of my city who competes in the Spanish first division, and I use to watch the games with my Dad or with my friends in the Stadium.When I can I like to play soccer with my friends. I also enjoy the NBA, I watch games I follow Denver Nuggets. I’m also I big fan of skiing, I ‘ve practiced it since I was 3 years old, and a few years ago I used to go to national skiing competitions. 2 years ago I also ran at a local athletics team, I don’t go since Covid started .Also now I started enjoying theme parks and roller coasters. I usually go with my sister who also likes rollercoasters and this stuff. We usually go to theme park near Barcelona which is called Portaventura.

As I said my dad is who cooks in my house and he uses to prepare healthy food for us, vegetables, chicken…Now I’m trying to learn how to cook, my grandma is trying to teach me how, I’m trying but at the moment I only know to cook basic things.

In christmas all my family gets together in the house we have in the countryside and as my family lives all in the same city I see them very often.

I want to thank the family that will choose me and that they won’t regret choosing me.

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