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16, Male Student ID: 198INSP050JYM Spain

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My name is Álvaro and I am 16 years old. Since childhood I had the dream of being able to visit the United States. However, as I have grown, I have been more afraid. To radically change my lifestyle and my culture is a challenge that, until I have been aware of the good that will bring me, I have not been able to face it. Now, however, there is nothing I want more than being able to fulfill that dream. Therefore, I would like more than anything to thank you for welcoming me and giving me this chance.

My life has always been marked by constant changes. My father is an air traffic controller and, because of his work, we had to move many times since I was little. This has made me curious and observant. Personally, I think it is important to understand the world in which we live, and going to a country with a culture as relevant in today’s world as yours, brings me one step closer to achieving it.

We are four in the family: my father, my mother and my little sister (Angela). We have always been very close and separating from them will be one of the most difficult things to do. Although I consider myself a fairly independent person, it is essential in my life to have the support of a family when I need it.

My friends are also a fundamental part of my life. Being surrounded by people who love me and whom I can love is something that I find important.

Some of my favorite hobbies are going out with my friends and listening to music. Since I was little I loved music, but as I grew up, my musical tastes have changed. Currently my favorite genre is Spanish rap, with which I have learned many things and I think part of me is conditioned by it. In my leisure time I like to write songs and I usually am attracted by any form of expression with which I can materialize my feelings and ideas.

Soccer is very important in my life. I have always loved it in a very special way and I really like to play and feel part of a team. In fact, since I was a child I have always enjoyed competing in teams and I believe that values that football has given me are very important. In addition, I consider myself a pretty good player, possibly being one of my virtues.

I am aware of how privileged I am, not just because of the chance that is offered to me, but also because of the education I have received so far. These last four years I have attended a school to prepare for an international baccalaureate, which allowed me to assist several volunteer activities in which I learned very useful values for my training and I was able to help the most needy people. In my school, activities such as public speaking, dealing with grown-ups and knowing other realities are daily activities. I think that has helped me develop more easily on a day-to-day basis.

Although I will go to the United States with an open mind and knowing that one of the reasons is to know a different world, it is true that I am used to, and I like it better, to live in populated areas, where I can reach places more easily and so I can, for example, meet new friends without having to ask someone to take me. I sincerely believe that for me it would be much harder to live in a rural or rather isolated area because, as a result of my curiosity, I like to see things and stay active. However, I am open to the idea.

The main motivation of wanting to go to the United States to study is to be able to fulfill my dream, but also to be able to experience a new culture and a different educational system. I believe that all this can be very enriching for my development as a person and give me a unique experience that I am convinced will help me to mature.

Anyway, this is me: a somewhat shy boy at the beginning, who lives in a sunny and beautiful city, with sea and a lot of tourism, with friends, football and music as hobbies.

I hope we can meet soon and also be able to give you a little bit of me in exchange for the great opportunity you will give me.