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I’m finally writing this letter, after almost three years waiting for this moment. You cannot imagine how excited I am, but first let me introduce myself. I am Amelia, I’m a student of 3ESO (freshmen year) and I’m fifteen years old.

One of my most relevant qualities is that I am a very perseverant person. As I mentioned before, I have been waiting for this moment since I was twelve years old, and that is because at the beginning my parents weren’t so convinced about me living abroad for such a long time, but I was definitely sure that I had to be a part of this program. So I started doing everything I could just to convince them, and ended up doing it.

And now I’ll tell you a bit more about myself. I am a very extroverted and open minded person, I love meeting new people, spending time with my friends, traveling (I definetly love traveling, it is one of the many reasons about this decision), and simply talking to people about diverse topics and getting to know other points of views and opinions without judging them. I am also a very close person, I love spending quality time with my friends and even more with my family. I am always telling the people that I love how much I care about them just because you never now. I also enjoy learning new things, I find very curious that there is that huge amount of things that I have no idea about, and I feel very lucky and grateful that I can discover a bit more about the world day by day.

About my academic life, I always try to give the best of myself in every situation. I usually organize my days so that I can achieve my expectations. I am the class delegate, I have been representing my class as delegate for the last three years and I represent al lof the students in my highscool in the schooI council. I also do many extracurricular activities because as you already know, I love learning new things. I learn Chinese and French in the Languages School, I practice basketball in my highschool team, I play the guitar and the piano and sometimes I also play chess. I absolutely love singing and dacing, and actually anything that has to do with music. The method I use to have time for everything is just administrate my time.

As I said before, I am a very close person especially to my family. I always try to spend as much time as possible with them. Most of my families don’t live in Madrid, so I don’t get to see them, as much as I would like to, but that is just another reason to take advantage of the time I spend near them. I have 7 cousins and 9 ants and uncles in total and I love all of them, we usually play board games or just spend time talking about anything. My grand parents are a very special part of me, I love listening to them, huging them, and telling them how much I love them. And of course my mom, dad and my little brother, we always support each other and love spending time together or playing games, surely the best family I could have asked for.

I love trying new things, and improving myself every day. I enjoy going to theatres or musicals. Another fact about me, is that I absolutely love christmas, getting together with, my family, singing christmas carrols, following our traditions and also creating new ones, eating Delicious food and of course, the presents. I also like Reading different types of books, specially the ones about castles and royalty. I also love spending time with little kids, everytime I can, I look after my little cousins and teach them new different things. And of course, I love my friends and going out with them, going to the cinema, taking a lot of pictures, dancing, or having dinner with them.

It will be a complete pleasure and I will be very grateful to spend this important experience in your house, and get to share my traditions and culture with you, creating special moments and getting involved in your culture. Than you so much for reading this letter, I am very excited for this experience to start and to have the opportunity to meet you, so you get to know me even more.

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