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Hi! I’m Andrea and I would like to stay 1 year in California and I hope it will be the best year of my life! I’m 16 years old and I’m very friendly with everyone, I always like to know new people and, as my friends tell me, I’m very funny and sociable. I love doing sports, I usually play basketball 4 times a week and last year with my team we won the teenager basketball championship; also during my free time I go to the gym, because I love bodybuilding.

I study in a school which is near the centre of my town and the main subject is human sciences. In the future I’d like to work as a physiotherapist or as a nutritionist, In fact I’m a lot interested in how the human body works and in letting my body work at 100%. Right now I work as a coach assistant for a 12 years old basketball team and I absolutely love it. I eat a lot of food and every type of stuff but I don’t like fish and I never tried sushi. I’m also scared of insects and spiders terrify me.

I have a lot of hobbies and I’m always down to find others, my main hobbies are bodybuilding, rap and hip hop music, travelling and discovering new places and photograph. In 2017 and in 2018 summer holidays I went to England with some school friends and my English teacher. In the first year we went to Bristol and in 2018 we went to Tourquay where for the first time in my life I tried and loved surfing in Babbacombe beach, an huge beach where everyone from the southern part of England comes just to surf.

I have a beautiful family made of my dad, who works in my mom’s company and in the evening he works as a basketball coach for a very important team in the north of Italy, maybe that’s where I took inspiration for my actual work. My mom has her own firm where she creates shoes components for Italian, French and English high shoes brands. My brother studies at university to became an aerospace engineer and in 2016 was as well an exchange student in West Virginia and he suggested me to do this experience . Last but not list, there is my dog Argo, who is 8 years old and I spend a lot of time with him maybe instead of studying! I also love spending time with my grandparents and talking to them about anything that has happened to me during the day.

In this experience I hope to find some great friends and to know a different culture than the ones that I already know. I’m not scared at all about what I will do or about leaving Italy because I’m too exited to start this year!

Thank you very much for reading my letter. See you soon!

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