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17, Male Student ID: 231SVIITA025JSM Italy

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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My name is Andrea, I’m a 17-years-old Italian guy, friendly and polite, but quite shy at first: I always need many days to make friends and, in general, to create emotional bonds with other people; I’m a person who likes to try new adventures (except for the dangerous ones), but on the other hand, sometimes I lack self-esteem and this may stop me from doing something.

I prefer peaceful and quiet places to stay, because when there are too much things happening all together I always get a bit stressed.

I prefer to stay with few people who make me the happiest possible; all of them would say that I’m very nice to everyone (and also annoying sometimes, but not that much!), especially if someone feels bad.

My family means a lot for me: my mum and dad always give me useful advice and my brother often makes me smiling when we play together. I hope to get in a house where I can be accepted as what I am, as my family does.

School often takes me most of my free time to do homework or to study, even though I don’t need a lot of time to learn something. So in the spare hours I like reading books or just watching video on YouTube; at the weekends I go cycling or trekking, but not very often.

I wish to have a lot of time to spend on discovering and creating new hobbies.

Sometimes I prefer to stay with very young children or with adults than with other teenagers, because not many of them have my same ideas and passions. In general I’m very calm, except when someone treat me badly.

I have never had a real opportunity to talk only English, so if I won’t talk much at first it’s just because I need my time; I hope to have a great experience and also to bring some happiness in someone’s life, as a lot of people say I do.

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