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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear family:

First of all, I appreciate that you read this letter and you have me in mind to be part of your family.

My name is Andrea, I´m 15 years old. I live in Madrid, Spain, my birthplace. My family is from a city located in the north of the country, and I usually travel there every holiday to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. In Madrid, I live together with my parents and my older sister, who is two years older than me.

The reason why I would like to spend my next academic year in the States is because I love to learn new things, cultures and I love meeting new people. Also I´m excited about living that amazing experience, although I know that I will be far away from my family and friends. But I am mature and independent enough to face new challenges in my life and I know I will adapt so well during the time I will be spending there. I know that because I have travelled abroad with host families before. Two summers ago I spent two weeks in Ireland with a native family, and it was one of the best experiences in my life. I learned lots of new things, met new friends and from the first day, I adapted very well to my host family. I had no problem when adapting to the new culture. I also have visited the States several times; I have gone to New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Yosemite Park and Miami. Those trips have showed me that the USA is a beautiful country and I love all the things I know about the culture. My older sister is now living an exchange year in the United States and she´s having a very good time, and when I talk with her she tells me how good is she going and I´m more and more excited to spend a year in USA.

Here, in Spain, I go to a public bilingual high school near my house. At school, I attend lots of different subjects and I learn two languages: Spanish and advanced English. My favorite subjects are Economy and English. Another reason why I would like to study in the USA is because I believe the education system there is great, is different than the Spanish one and I think is an important part of this experience, also I can study some subjects that in my country I can´t. I also think I could show how my culture is, so then my classmates could now more about European costumes. And I will be delighted to help people and teachers if they have any doubt with Spanish language.

At school, I like to spend time learning and also with my friends. I spend the weekends and make lots of plans with my friends and family. We like to go shopping, have lunch and dinner together, we also meet in someone´s house, we have snack together, we love going to the city center… I love spending time with them, and in fact, my best friend, Marina, is also going to study next year in the States!

And now, I would like to talk about my hobbies. I love sports and I´m sure that during my stay in the States, I will go to many sport clubs and attend lots of activities. Nowadays, I play tennis in a tennis club, my favorites sports are: surf, tennis, and skiing! Skiing and surf are ones of my favorite activities, although in Madrid there´s not too much snow, and no sea..! But I usually go to ski trips that my high school organizes and I have been in surf camps and surf lessons, where I had a great time! More things I love doing, are bakery (I love making biscuits or cakes with my sister, it´s a perfect plan) and I also like cooking. I am sure that you will love the Spanish food that I´ll prepare for you!

I will give you a hand whenever you need it. I will make the needed housework. I will always be happy to help, because you will be helping me and giving me too many love during ten months! As I said before, I am so independent, so I am able to wake up alone with any help, organize my room, my clothes; organize school works without anybody telling me what I have to do…

And of course, I will be glad to know your family and will always be open to make new friendships and to be a perfect sister and daughter!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards,


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