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Hello family,

My name is Antía and I´m 15 years old but will turn 16 soon. I really want to visit the United States next year because since I was little, I was very attracted to your culture and traditions and also always liked American movies and I always anxious to visit USA. I´d like to tell you something about me and my life.

First of all, in my family we are four of us; my father, my mother, my sister who is 18, and me. A few years ago, my sister spent a year in USA with ICES, and she was very happy. My grandparents live near us, so we visit them very often.

I live in a small village and it’s about 10 km from main city. The area where I live is a beautiful small city in the north west of Spain. It’s famous for its Roman Lighthouse is called “La Torre de Hercules”. This lighthouse was built by the Romans and it´s the oldest working lighthouse in the world. The city also has a lot of spectacular beaches where a lot of people go in the summer.

Let me tell you something about my school. The school is near my house, I normally go by car, but sometimes by bus. I’m studying 10th grade and I really like it. We have a lot of exams and I have to study a lot. My favorite subject is Biology. The teachers are very friendly and help the children a lot.

One of my best friends goes to my school. She is the same age as me. Sometimes, we go to a restaurant to eat. My favorite foods are pizza, burger and fried eggs and chips, but I also like to try new types of food.

I love music, especially singing; for that reason I study at the Professional Conservatory of Music and I play the accordion. A part from Music, I love to go with my friends to eat hamburgers and pizzas and going to the cinema.

I would love to learn about a new culture and I have always dreamed about visiting the United States. I am very keen to improve my English, and I´m looking forward to this experience of a lifetime.

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. I can’t wait meet you

Best wishes,


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