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15, Female Student ID: 228INSP007JYF Spain

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Hello dear family:

My name is Ariadne, I’m 14 years old currently.

I’m friendly, calm, quite responsible and a worker. I’m a little bit shy but when I take confidence I talk without any problem. I’m also a very sport girl, I practice speed skating, I compete in national and statement championships.

I live in the North of Spain, in a small city. In winter the weather is very cold and in summer it is hot, but in general it is cold and in winter it usually rains.

I don’t live in the centre of the city, I live in a village near the city. From my point of view it is better to live in a village because it is more calm.

There are many mountains but there is no beach, although it isn’t so far.

I live with my parents and a dog. My father is 48 years old, he works in a car’s factory and my mother is 47 years old and is a babysitter. My dog is 5 years old, is a small white dog and is very cute.

We like going to the mountain all together and also go cycling.

The relationship with my parents is good, they help me in everything they can. We have a lot of confidence and we love eachother so much.

I’m studying 9º in high school. My favorite subjects are maths, physical education and history. My school is normal, there are like 300 people but I prefer a high school like this because you can know people better than if you are in a big high school.

I don’t know what I’m going to study in the future but I would like to be a vet or a merchant.

Now I’m going to speak about my group of friends. In my group or friends there are friends from my school and friends thet I met in high school.

We live in different places so we meet in the centre of the city. We usually eat an ice cream or sweets, while we’re eating the ice cream we walk and see shops then when we have already eaten the ice cream we enter the shops we like and if we find something that we like, we shop it. Then we take something to dinner and finally we go to our houses.

On a normal day I get up at 6:30 am then I have breakfast, I dress up, I brush my teeth, I comb my hair, I prepare my lunch, after that I take my school bag and finally I take the bus to go to the high school. When I finish school I take the bus and I go to my house, when I arrive I eat and then I do the homework.

At 5:15 pm I have speed skating training. When I finish I go to my house, I take a shower, I have dinner and finally I go to sleep.

On a day of a weekend I get up at the hour that I want, I have breakfast, I clean up my room, I walk my dog and then I eat. In the afternoon I meet with my friends. After that I have dinner at my house and then I watch a film with my parents, finally I go to sleep.

I want to go to the U.S.A because I want to improve my english but especially because I love the culture so I think that living with an American family is a good idea to know the culture and live like an American.

At home I help washing the dishes, taking out the trash and clean and tie up all my room.

Normally my parents make food but sometimes I do my food. Always we eat together but if for example one day my parents can’t eat with me I could do my food . I know how to cook simple things like pasta or things like that.

I’m a little bit scared because I know that at first I’m not going to understand everything.

On vacations I travel to many counties: Italy, France, Portugal and Thailand but the one that I like most Is Thailand because the landscapes are awesome and the people are very nice.

On Christmas I usually stay some days with my father’s family and other days with my mother’s family, because almost every day are lunches or dinners.

I love Christmas because I received many presents and because we are all together as a family.

Finally I want to thank you for being so generous for welcoming me into your home without knowing me at all and for the opportunity to get to know the culture and the American and the country that attracts me so much. I hope that through me you will know the culture of my county and that it will be a beautiful experience for both parties.

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