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15, Female Student ID: 228INSP079JYF Spain

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Hi, I’m Barbara. I am 15 years old and I live in eastern Spain very close to the sea.

I live with my parents and my grandmother. I do not have brothers. I’m an only child. My father is a lawyer and university professor and my mother is a dental hygienist. The relationship with my parents is very good, and with my father we are always laughing and playing. When I don’t have a lot of homework, I help around the house with chores like cleaning, washing dishes, and if my parents are working and I’m on vacation I make food. Every day I make my bed before I go to school. On vacation we visit other places. And in summer we like to go to the beach to swim and enjoy the weather.

During the weekends we all eat at home together, since during the week it is impossible because I eat at school and my parents come home late for work. We like to eat anything and we eat everything (vegetables, fish, meat, etc).

We spend Christmas at home with the family. Some days we eat with my father’s family and other days with my mother’s family. The truth is that it is very fun to see us all together, I usually see my cousins and uncles very often. My mother’s family lives in the same town as me, and my father’s family lives in another town two kilometers away. For this reason, I usually visit and see my whole family on a regular basis.

I consider myself a nice girl, I also have a strong character but I don’t have tantrums or anything like that. I know how to control myself. I believe that I am kind, responsible, and I always try to help everyone around me. I care a lot for others.

I am not a problem in food. I like to eat everything and I like to try foods that I have never tried before. The stranger the better. And I also like to cook.

I go to school in another town. I am studying 10th Course. And my favorite subjects are History, Literature and Geography. I have been in this school since I was 3 years old. I have made a lot of friends there throughout my childhood and I have met some of my best friends. This year is my last year at this school and I am going to miss my school very much as I really appreciate the teachers and my classmates.

I would like to go to University and study Law and Marketing.

When I was 8 years old I began to study elementary music, the instrument being the violin. When I finished elementary courses, I took the entrance exams to the professional conservatory, and I passed, and since then I have also been studying at the professional music conservatory. Now I am studying 3rd grade violin professional. Since my second as a professional, I have also been studying piano. I do many subjects in the conservatory such as violin, piano harmony (which is music theory) orchestra (it consists of all the string instruments such as violins, violas, cellos and double basses we play together). It’s a super cool feeling when we play together and it works out. It is a super satisfying feeling because it is the result of all the effort.

During my free time, I really like to be with my family and my friends. My family on the maternal side we are 18 people, and on the paternal side we are 15 counting grandparents, uncles and cousins.

My group of friends are 17 boys and girls and we always go everywhere together since we boys and girls have a better time together and we have been friends since we went to kindergarten when we were 2 years old. In my group of friends from school we are 12.

My friends are a second support after my family, I love them very much and I know that I will miss them very much.

I like to play golf. I started playing golf when I was three years old and since I didn’t have strength and the clubs weighed a lot, they made them shorter so that I could play golf. I really enjoy playing golf and I practice it on a weekly basis. Every Saturday I go to play and I also participate in the tournaments organized by the golf club. I am lucky to live very close to the golf course.

I also like skiing a lot, although I don’t practice it frequently because where I live it is not very cold and there is no snow. I like to ski and have gone skiing several times. The first time I went I was 9 years old and I went with my parents to Andorra. I have also gone with the school several times to ski in the Pyrenees.

Every summer I go camping for 10 days. Girls from all over Spain go to this camp and I like it a lot because the first day I don’t know anyone. We are throughout the camp without being able to use a mobile phone or tablets, and you are disconnected from the world throughout the camp, and thanks to this camp I have friends all over Spain.

After the camp, I am going to spend a few days with my grandparents and my cousins at the house that my grandparents have on the beach. It is a very tourist town. And during the day we are on the beach bathing and in the afternoon we get ready and my cousins and I go for a walk.

In my Church there is a movement called “Junior” that we are boys and girls who after Mass we meet and play games, talk or comment on Christianity issues. I have been in this movement for many years. This year, together with my friends, we are monitors, which involves a lot of responsibility because we have to organize games and talks for the children.

I am very excited that my parents have given me this opportunity to study for a year in the USA, but I am more grateful that an American family can welcome me into their home as if I were another daughter of the family. I want to learn from you to have a second family and new friends, as well as learn about your culture, customs, new places. I would also like to be able to show you the culture and customs of my country.

I thank you again for the opportunity to welcome me into your home as one more daughter.

Thanks a lot!


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