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17, Female Student ID: 228SVIT055JYF Italy

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear host family,

My name is Beatrice, I’m 16 years old and I come from Italy. I live in a village that is 30 minutes from a big city, in the north east of Italy.

I go to a school called “Liceo Classico” where I study Latin, ancient Greek, Italian, philosophy, history, sciences, math, arts history, physics, English and PE. This type of school is considered one of the most difficult so I don’t have much time to go out or to devote myself to my passions. Every Friday afternoon I go back to school for theater rehearsals, this year we will stage a show by Agatha Christie and I’m happy about that because I like detective books.

Aside from theater my hobbies include drawing, sports, listening to music, cooking and traveling.

I change sport on average every two years, the last one was roller skating and I really enjoyed it.

In the past I have done track and field, orienteering, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, rowing, riding and MTB.

In our house we don’t have any type of pet, but I really love them so I hope that my host family has got animals.

My best friend I’ve known since kindergarten, so for 11 years, and we always have been in the same class. This summer we went on a trip to Padova all by ourselves to admire Giotto’s frescos and we are planning another short trip during Christmas holidays, maybe Venice.

Next year she is going to be an exchange student in Norway and I’m sure that we’ll have a lot to talk about this beautiful experience as exchange students.

My dad likes a lot to go out with the bike, in fact he has two MTB and one electric bike. My mum loves very much reading books, try new recipes form different culture and she loves traveling as much as I do.

My mum is a prosecutor and my dad is a police officer.

I have two step-brothers, but they are older than me and they have never lived with me so I’m quite an only-child.

So I would really love to be part of a large family.

Also, because I am a sunny person, I love talking and interacting with other people.

This summer I worked in a summer camp for children and I had a lot of fun. All my friends say that I can easily create a good relationship with children younger than me.

In add, I worked as a voluntary in athletics competition since I was 14 and I really enjoyed helping peoples on such an important and tiring day for them.

I’m allergic to grasses, but don’t worry because it’s not severe: I take a tab and I’m fine. As you can see in the photos my house is surrounded by nature, so there’s really no problem at all.

I’ve always been very interested in the American life style and I absolutely want to be part of this. I love to challenge myself and living in a foreign country for 10 month is the best occasion to do it. I also want to improve my English, especially my speaking, because I think it would be very usefully for my future job.

As I said before, one of my hobbies is traveling so I really hope to visit some beautiful places while I’m in the USA.

I also love watching actions and fantasy films, playing video games and looking at old souvenir photos from the computer, unfortunately due to studying I can’t do it very often.

I can’t wait to start my exchange program in the USA and I hope to meet soon my host family, I’m sure we will get along.

Best regards,


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