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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear host family,

I can’t believe I’m finally writing this letter! It’s the starting point for the best experience of my life, where do I start? There’s so much to tell you.

My name is Beatrice but you can call me Bea. It means “the one who makes you happy”, and it represents me 100%.

I’m an only child of 17 years old, born and raised in one of the biggest Italian cities.

I’m of medium-height and thin, with curly, blonde hair and almond, brown eyes. As everyone says I’m a friendly and easy-going person who really loves to make others laugh. I’m responsible, you can always count on me, polite, and I love being always busy. I’m also ambitious and really hard-working in fact if I want something you can be sure I’ll have it. On the other hand this makes me impatient, but don’t worry! I don’t like to cause problems to the others.

I’m also really sensitive, which can be seen as a quality or defect, reliable and honest. I’m learning to be self-confident, which is not really easy. I consider myself a mature girl, I always think a lot before taking a choice and I try to think positive and to be in a good mood.

I truly like playing sports, they get me away from everything, in fact I tried a lot of them and I’ve never spent a year without it. Now I’ve been playing volleyball since I was twelve. That’s definitively my favorite sport. I practice it two days a week and I always have a match at the weekend.

In the US, I wish to continue this sport, but if it’s not possible, I still want to keep myself fit and try on different sports that we don’t have in Italy, for example cheerleading.

Other than loving sports I really love traveling and collecting postcards from the places I visit. I think that discovering new places and cultures could change you and your life in a very important way.

I chose to come in the USA because I would really like to take part in every aspect of the American life, I also admire your cultural diversity and your cordiality. I can’t omit that I am fascinated by your history of music and TV.

I also really really really love listening to music, if I could I will live with a background song all the time. I listen to all the genres from the ‘old but gold songs’ to Maneskin, Coldplay but my favorite genre is indie Italian songs, well, if I have to be really honest my favorites songs are absolutely the Christmas ones.

I am attending the third year of language school; I’m studying English, Spanish and French. I decided to go in an english-speaking country because it is my favorite subject. I’m also really interested in psychology, in fact I would love doing that faculty at the university.

Although I study a lot, I still dedicate time to my friends. In my class I have my four besties, I have my group of friends from volleyball, I know them since we were born and we are like sisters. Then I have my big group of friends, we are like 20 people. We met at the oratory when we were young. Finally I want to talk about my best friend Bianca, we know each other since the middle school and we meet every day, especially at her house. I love her!

Last but not least I want to talk about my family. We are three people: me, my mom and my dad. My mom’s name is Michela. She’s 60 and she has origins from Austria. She teaches Spanish, French, English, German by giving private lessons to students of high school. That’s where I took my passione about languages. We get along really well, she’s like my best friend, I talk about everything with her and she always gets me and gives me perfect advice. My father’s name is Roberto, he’s 61 and he used to work at the bank but now is retired. He’s really kind and I love how he lives his life without thinking about others’ judgments. Our family is very united and harmonious, we spend a lot of time together especially during holidays, we always help each other and at dinner we have the habit to tell each other what happened on that day. They also got me used about helping in the house, I always set and clear the table and keep my room clean and tidy.

I’m very close to my friends and my family, but on the other side I feel ready to live this life-changing experience where I hope I’ll become 100% independent and problem-solving. I’ll know a lot of different people and I’ll also know my self better; I think this experience helps you understand earlier what you want in your future and who you are. I’ll maybe discover new interests and I’ll learn how to adapt to habits which are not mine.

Thank you for reading this, I’ll forever owe you if you choose me.

I can’t wait to see you and to breath in full this experience;

your future daughter,


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