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I´m Beltrán, I´m 14 years old and I´m from Spain.

First of all, I want to thank you to give me the opportunity to stay a school year with you.

Let’s start to talk about me…My objective is to have a new experience, sharing a year school with a family, knowing other people and places, learning English and living with a US family as one more.

In my family, we are four members, my parents and my oldest brother. Also, we have a pet, it is a little dog called “Duki”, it is 7 years old. I have one grandpa, one grandma, 3 uncles, 3 aunts and 9 cousins. We enjoy to spend the most time possible together. My father works in a company and my mother has starting to work as teacher in a school.

My brother Rodrigo is 2 years older than me and we have similar hobbies, we are very keen on soccer. We play in the local soccer team. I am very happy with my team colleagues and my coaches. I am the captain of the team. We train three times per week and play one day during the weekend in the regional league. This year we are placed in the second position in the league. Apart of this, we also are Real Madrid supporters and members, so we go to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to see the matches when the team plays.

After our soccer training we try to have dinner all the family together and share the things happened during the day, but some days is difficult because of the timetable and also because my father is traveling for business.

I also like other activities like:

  • Spending my time with my friends. School friends: I moved to a new school two years ago. We use going out during our free time in the weekend spending the time speaking, playing soccer or staying at home of any of us and in some occasions, sleeping all together in a house. Soccer friends: I know them since long time ago, some of them since we were baby as all of us we live in the same place and we went some to the same school. I spend a lot of time training with them, playing matches, etc. Summer friends: They are from different places from Spain. We spend our summer holidays in the same place (Huelva). We are in contact through Instagram or WhatsApp along the year.
  • Reading books. When a book seems interesting, I cannot stop reading
  • Watching some Tv series.
  • Play video games like Fortnite, FIFA or Minecraft for instance, although my parents limit me the use. I can play only on weekends.

The village where I live is a 25 minutes in a car distance to Madrid . My school is in the city, so I take a bus and the subway to go to my school, it takes around 45 minutes. My cousins and me are in the same school.

My parents are very interested in my progress in the school and they ask me always about exams, about teachers and about marks. My average mark is 6.45 of 10. My favorite subjects are Physical Education and Maths.

I´m starting to think about my future, and there are two things that I like: 1) Laws 2) food taster. I know they are very different but I like both of them. In fact, I like taste different kind of food from different countries so sometimes I´m going with my family to taste different restaurants. Spain food is very varied too, but I like taste other food from other countries.

In my summer holidays, I split it at the mountains and at the beach. I´m spending some time in my grandpa mountains house, and later we are going all my family to the beach, in Ayamonte, Huelva, Spain. It is close to Portugal border.

My responsibilities at home are: Take my dog for a walk, we have different orderly turns between my brother, my mother and me as my father travel frequently. Keep the room clean and make the bed every morning. Set and pick up the table in the lunch and dinner with orderly turns with my brother.

What I can contribute to your family are different things. Like the things of the house that I do in my house, and apport some food of Spain to you to try it…??

This experience will be very important for me, not only to improve my English but also because I think it will be an experience that I will remind the rest of my live.

Finally, before ending the letter I want to thank you in advance. Be sure that I´m a good boy, I´m responsible and very easy guy, that you will not regret if you decide to choose me. I´m very friendly person although I´m a little bit shy at the beginning. The experience for both sides will be very good as my main objective is to have a culture sharing experience. Hoping to meet you very soon

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