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15, Female Student ID: 228AOSP021JYF Spain

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Greetings from Spain, my name is Berta, I live in Madrid, I’m 15 years old and I would love to spend next year in United States forming part of your culture and showing you a bit of mine.

Since I was little I always loved the idea of experiencing living abroad because apart from learning another language, I would love to live as an American.

I’m a very happy, sociable and engoyfull person, as I love being around people, laughing and willing to have a good time all the time. More over, I consider my selfas an independent, resourceful and organiced person. Last but not least, I believe that I’m a loving person as I love being around my family, and the people I love.

Some of my hobbies are dancing and playing volleyball, as I’ve been practicing them for most of my life, I danced hip-hop since I was 6, in an academy in which we did performances in an auditorium. I also play volleyball since I was 6 and last year my team and I won the league, I’ve always played at school and in six grade we won the Madrid’s cup, later on I moved to another team in which I play in a position where I spike, serve, defend… It’s my favorite position because I can score a point. Also, I love listening to music for example One direction, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Harry Styles etc, apart from that, my favorite hobby is acting, I been taking part of some TV shows such as “Estoy Vivo”, “JaJa Show”, “La vuelta al Mundo” a short film, and some advertisements since I was little. I also love hanging out with my friends. Another thing I like, is everything related to fashion, I love watching fashion shows, or choosing outfits…

As I said before, I live in Madrid in an urbanization, were I have some Friends. At home I live with my parents and my older sister, we dont have any pets as I’m a little bit afraid of them even thoughI could get use to them.

I spend some of my summer holidays with my family and my friends in Madrid. Then I go to my family’s village where I meet with my cousins and my grandfather. When august starts I go the beach, in Mojacar, Almería where I’m with my family and some friends.

My parents are both 49 years old, my father is a representative of sales and my mom is a secretary, I have a very good and strong relationship with them, they are a very important part of my life, as well as my older sister, she’s 18 years old, she’s now in university studying marketing and publicity. For me, my sister is like my best friend because I can talk to her about anything, I have a very good time when I’m with her and we have a very strong relationship.

I go to a catholic school since I was 3 and right now I’m in ninth grade. On of favorite subjects is P.E because we spend time outdoors and its more practical so we disconnect from working as hard as we do in other subjects. Another subject which I like, is biology because it’s entertaining, important for as to know and I like knowing curious facts about the world that surrounds as. But there are some subjects which I’m not really keen as technology, maths or visual arts. Also in a future I would love to work in something related with acting if it’s possible. About my grades, I have average grades but they can always be improved.

My school is not very big, but also not very small, somewhere in between. There is a familiar atmosphere and I have many friends there. I’ve always taken part in extracurricular activities at school; when I was little I joined the school choir and we sang at church. I also tried out going to ballet and rhythmic gymnastics.

This would be a bit of me, thanks a lot for taking me in and spending your time on reading this. I hope you liked it and also thank you for giving me this opportunity which I am so excited for.

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