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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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My name is Camille, I’m currently 15 and I live in the north of France with my mom, my step father, my sister, my half sister and my brother. I have a really good relationship with my family especially with my mom I tell her everything .

I love to play at video games with my siblings or just go out in an amusement parks/cinema…and just stay at home. We don’t really have strict rules except that we have to do our best in school, being at home after 19 o clock, say where we are if we want to go out with friends and this kind of things.

I’m currently in my 10th grade and I’m a good student like I always try my best. I spend a lot of time with my best friend because of the fact that we are in the same high school but we also love to go to the cinema. This is like a my passion, I love discover new films.

I’m attached a lot to my independence , my parents trust me because I’m a mature person (I mean for my age) and I don’t understand why I would lie to them for something. As I said before I love spending time with my family but sometimes I like to be α little bit αlone.

I don’t really have hobbies but i love to talk and discover a lot of things and travelling in some new places. I’m interested about fashion and so I often go shopping .

I think that my qualities are that I’m an open minded person and I’m always here when people need me. I like diversity and I don’t hesitate to defend causes. If I had an opportunity I’ll take her even if its not in my comfort zone. I’m a calm person. I don’t have problems with animals I have two dogs and one cat but I don’t feel comfortable with reptiles.

I’ll be honest with you I’m most an introvert person than extravert I sometimes make myself discrete when i just meet the person but I start to be very friendly with the time. My English is good but I don’t think that I’ll be able to express myself a lot at the beginning because I’m missing some vocabulary.

To conclude, I’m really excited to live my dream and discover more of things of the USA the culture and the people. I’m sure that this adventure is gonna make me grow and stronger. I hope that I’ll be able to bring a lot things to my host family my culture and my personality ,because i want to have a good relationship with all the family and feel like home .I’ll not hesitate to involve myself in the family life except if it’s really privacy things .

Thanks you already so much to take time for read my letter and also maybe chose me?? I’m excited to meet you!


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