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15, Female Student ID: 228HUSP020JYF Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



Hello! Firstly I would like to give you the thanks to considered me like another member of your family.

My name is Carla, I’m 15 years old and I live in a small but lovely city in Jaen. I’m a positive and active person. I live with my mum, dad and older brother. I am few tired of him, but I always liked being with a bother more or less of my age. But it’s true that a host sister in EEUU were of my age more or less would be perfect for telling her my things and some gossip, you know hahah. And also to change of scene of my live here in Spain.

Talking about me, I’m a person who loves cooking, but who isn’t keen on it. Yes, I know, it’s so estrange. But I am going to become a perfect chef so you can try some of the most popular Spanish food. So I hope that you would like it.

Also, I like spend time with my family, going shopping, watching some films in the cinema (although series are better than films), and obviously I love spend time with them in special dates like Christmas, New Years Eve, our birthdays… And of course with my friends. I think that they are a very important part of my life. With them I can do a lot of fun things. But at the same time, when we need, I can spend a relax time with them, in our worst moments.

I’m a girl who is more or less independent and responsible too. I make always my bed and some home works like do my homework by myself, I don’t need a person who wake me up, I put an alarm in the morning, which I don’t like anything, because I like sleep but there isn’t another option 🙁 . Also I am a girl who loves see other people happy with my jokes. I am a very funny person when I have a close friendship with this person. Because firstly, with the people who I haven’t met never, I am a little shy.

The main thing I’ve decided to go abroad to study, is for fulfill my dream (mainly). Then I am very curious and I like gain knowledge about new things, for example I am looking forward to knowing your culture, how you celebrate each day of the festivities and more things which I am sure that I have forgotten. And of course, to live the “American dream”, here in Spain we call it like that. All the decoration on the houses in Halloween, Christmas, the big high school, with the popular American football team, some clubs, the typical yellow buses, some different sports teams, the football matches on Fridays… like a movie, in few words.

Talking about that, my principal hobby is dancing. Since I was a child, I was joined in a flamenco academy, “y ole´!” Also hip-hop… But I am keen on ballet. It helps me to get my mind out of all my problems and also to become me an active person. Other of my dream, was take up a new sport: Volleyball. I would like to join in the volleyball team in the high school and play some matches with my mates. I think that it can helps me to be more sociable.

If I ask someone to describe me, they automatically say that I am a very sociable person, who is very friend of her friends, not very an affectionate girl (this is true, but sometimes I have like “lovely moments” and I am going hugging all the people). Also they said that I’m “the soul of the party”. I am an originally person, who try to invents some games to play with friends, also I’m a little bit impatient. I am an active girl, so I can’t be doing anything, I need an active city, where I can do many activities. And for example now, I am hoping the finally of the classes, to travel there, to meet you, to do a lot of new things and to improve my English it’s the most important thing.

I am so nervous, currently I don’t know how are you, where I am going to live for a year, how many friends I am going to have, my brothers or sisters, my new house, my bed… I don’t know anything. But I am sure that all will be correct. I know that everything won’t be perfect, if you think it will be a unique experience, I am not going to forget it never. But on the other hand, It will be like a new thing in my life. So I suppose that the firsts days could be a little difficult for me, it’s normal. But I am going to see the positive side about everything there. For be MY BEST YEAR, in which at least I am going to fulfill my dream!!

I think that we are going to become like a family, a true family, although I come back to Spain. Talking about that, I am going to convince you to travel abroad to Spain. To visit me and also to know our culture, some places and to eat some “tapas”, that there in EEUU I think that there aren’t.

I am looking forward to meet you!!

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