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16, Female Student ID: 228IWSP049JYF Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



Dear future host family,

My name is Carla. I am 16 years old and would like to have a new experience in USA for getting to know what is to live in an abroad country like. I would love to meet people from different cultures and share traditions, both Spanish and American. One of my objectives is also to improve my English level which is one of my favorite subjects. Aside of these advantages that will improve my knowledge, being part of this wide experience would make me more independent and autonomous.

Talking about me, I am a social person because I like to exchange opinions, feelings and ideas. At the beginning I am a bit shy, but once I am adapted to the situation, I change my behavior being more loving and affective. My friends like to transmit me their thoughts because one of my qualities could be hearing people’s worries.

I live in a village of Spain which is very peaceful and homely. We have the city 30 kilometers away, where some days I go to spend time shopping or hanging around with my friends. During the week, I go to the high school, and I practice quite a lot of sport because I do one different kind each trimester. Moreover, three afternoons a week I run in a sports club for 1 hour, what help me to come out my mind.

About my hobbies, I like to read books, English and Spanish ones. Normally, I choose the ones about romance. Another preference I have is cooking. When I was little, I liked to see how my mum was making food, so I learned to cook almost everything. My specialization are the crepes because is my favorite plate, but I also cook traditional Spanish meals. As most of the teenagers, I enjoy hanging out with friends and watch series and films, preferably about romance. When Christmas time arrives, which is my favorite festivity, I start watching Santa’s movies. At the end of December, I meet with all my family making Spanish typical meals. Talking about festivities, I would like to know how the Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in there. I really want to have this experience at least once in my life. I like to travel because it is a way of learning new cultures. I went all around Spain and also to London, Stockholm and Paris with my family.

My family is composed by my dad, my mum and my old sister. My mum is a schoolteacher and my dad works at a cars factory. Actually, I live with my parents because my sister is working in another city. She comes to visit us all weekends for spending time together. I don’t have any pet, but my cousin has a dog. I usually go with her to take the pet for a walk.

I have two groups of friends, on the one hand, my classmates. I know them since we were 3 years old, we spent most of our lives together. On the other hand, I have a group with who I hang around most weekends. They are very special for me because although I don’t know them since we were children, they have become a fundamental part in my life in a very short time. In my opinion, is very important to have lot of friends but always having someone special who you can rely.

When I think about having the experience abroad, I get excited because going to another country without anyone I know it will be a whole life experience. I am very thankful for the families that allow us to stay in their houses. Meeting a new family with who I will spend almost a year is also what makes me nervous, but I like to think that the ones who choose me will be as enthusiastic as I am for getting to know them. I would like to spend this school year feeling like they are my own family.

Thanks for making this dream could come true, I hope to fit your expectations.


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