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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Football (Soccer)
Skiing or Snowboarding
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I had been waiting for this moment for many years and finally the greatest experience of my life is approaching, I think to be one year in State, is not only one year of my life in fact is one life in one year.

My name is Carlos, I come from Spain. Actually I’m 16years old, and I’m studying Secondary at the school.

I live with my parents and also with my sister Natalia who is 12 years old. We are living in a neighborhood in the North of the city, where my school is too.

My father works as an attorney for a company that dedicates to support the legal production of movies and television and my mum works as an institutional relation technical for a company that transmit electric power.

Our family is quite united. I have a very good relationship with all my family: my maternal grandparents, all my uncles and aunts and my cousins (I have six cousins, the oldest is 20 years old and the youngest is 6 years old). Unfortunately my paternal grandparents died. We like to do things together like meeting to have lunch or dinner, celebrating birthdays and some traditional holidays like Christmas, we even enjoy some days of our summer holiday together.

I’m a responsible, friendly and sensible boy and a good student too. I have good marks. I like the scientific subjects such as: Math, Chemistry, Technology and P.E. Three years ago, four friends and I formed a technology team to represent our school in a regional technology contest and we developed the programming of a videogame to raise awareness of the problems of childhood obesity. A lot of school went to this contest but we won the first prize.

One of my favorite hobbies is doing sports. I like almost all the sports and I practice soccer, tennis, skiing, and I swimming every week at school. Soccer is my favorite sport and the one that I practice most, since I was 4 years old. I was in a very good team, and we won a lot of competitions. We could play with some of the best teams of Spain like Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid. Nowadays I continue playing and I train three times per week and on Saturday we have a regional competition. I have also practiced tennis since I was 4 years old, but this year I had to quit because I don’t have time for everything (studying, soccer…) that’s the reason because I left tennis. Last year I tried other sports like surfing and skiing and I liked them so much. For two years I have gone to practice skiing with the school to Andorra (a very small country between Spain and France) just in the middle of Pyrenees Mountain. As well I went skiing last Christmas with my parents, sister and my uncles and cousins in Sierra Nevada (South Spain) where we celebrated together the New Year´s Eve.

In summer I always go to a small town of Cádiz (Andalucía, Spain). There I enjoy my holydays with my family and my friends. Rota is located at the South of Spain and it has a very good weather. Rota is also known for its American Naval Base. There I have a lot of friends, we have a lot of fun playing sports, swimming in the Ocean and enjoying in the beach.

The rest of the year, in bank holidays, my family and I try to travel to different places in Spain or abroad. For example, I was in Rome two years ago and in London three years ago. Also, in 2017 I was for a month in Austria in a Summer Camp. This Christmas I will go to German with the school. I like to know different cultures, traditions, people… and languages, for this reason I study German at school (and of course English).

Another thing I like is to play video games. My favorites are Fifa (soccer game) and Fortnite.

Since I was a child, I have been looking forward to doing a course in United State because I want to know your culture, to learn your language and to know the American lifestyle and I hope to have the opportunity to show you something from my country and my culture, that’s very rich and very ancient.

I would like to study an engineering, at the moment I don’t know which one, but I know that it is very important for my future to speak English well and I would love to live the American experience.

Thank you very much for this opportunity and for welcoming me in your family and in your home.

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