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Dear host family,

I am Carlota, I’m fourteen years old the moment that I am writing this letter, but when I arrive in the USA, I will be fifteen years old. I am a very funny person; I really love all the people around me and I’m someone who always wants to give the best of me to other people. I live in Spain, more specifically in Segovia. It is the capital city of my province, but it is like a town because it is very small. I live with my parents and with my older sister; I only have one sister.

I think that this experience will be unique and I think that I’m a lucky person to be able to enjoy it. I really want to live this experience since I want to know all about the American culture, such as your customs, your beliefs or your way of life. Another important thing is the autonomy that this experience can give me. People say that exchange students only go to the USA to learn English, but I don’t have the same opinion, as I think that we don’t only go there to learn English, although it is a very important part of this experience. We go there to be able to experience the American culture and live as an American for one year.

My family has always been very important for me and I love them a lot. I like spending time and doing things with them. My mother and I are very similar, but not physically, we are the same in the way of thinking and doing things, we are responsible, we like the order and we prefer to think before we act. She is an official in the town hall, I think that she is the best at her work. She is very cheerful, funny and she is the person who sets the rules at home, I can’t think what I would do without her. My father and I are very similar physically, but we don’t have the same personality. We hardly ever have the same opinion but we love each other and I think that he is the best father in the world. He has a great sense of humor and the most cheerful person that I know; he is laughing and making jokes all the time. He is a businessman and he has his own company. My sister is a very important person for me and I really love her, but sometimes we argue just like all the sisters; she is generous, intelligent and she likes dancing and going to the gym.

A very important part of me are my friends, I love them very much. We are nine and we are all different but we fit perfectly. We like to make plans together, like go to the cinema, go to the theater, go for a walk around the city, go shopping and many things more. Whenever I can I am with them. All the Fridays I hang out with them.

I like doing sport. I started ballet when I was five years old and I have competed at national level; I have won a lot of prizes. However, the most important is that I have learnt values like the constancy, the responsibility, the friendship, fighting for a goal or the time organization. Unfortunately, I had to quit ballet because of an injury in my toe, but now I am doing athletics and tennis with my sister. I have been playing tennis for a short time, but I am good at it and I like it a lot. Every Sunday my family and I go for a walk around the city. We find new routes and we spend time in family. In summer I always go to the coast and I do surfing; I like it, but it isn’t my favorite sport. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends, I like to do things with them.

I study at a religious charter school near my house; it takes me only five minutes to get there on foot. There are about 900 students from three to eighteen years old. My favorite subjects are Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I started studying at this school when I was three years old and I love it.

I really want to enjoy this experience in the USA. I will do all my best to make this experience awesome not only for me but also for my host family.

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and welcoming in your home. I am sure that we will get along.

Best wishes,


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