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Carolina Beatriz

17, Female Student ID: 228AOSP037JYF Spain

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LETTER FROM Carolina Beatriz

Carolina Beatriz

Hi, I’m Carolina!

I’m from Madrid, Spain, but I live in a town near Guadalajara, a city near Madrid. I consider myself a responsible person, I working on how to organize my time. I’m also sensitive and a little bit shy at the beginning, friendly and I give a lot of importance to things.

My parents are 62 and 55 but they look younger than their age. My father is the mayor of our town and my mother works in the offices of the post office company “Correos”. Usually on Sundays my parents, my brother and I have lunch as a family and then in the afternoon we watch movies together, and many times we go to Madrid to shop or eat out. I have a 31 year old older brother whom I get along very well with and I go to Madrid with him or we make plans. I have a good relationship with my parents and I trust them a lot. I have a 9 year old black giant schnauzer dog, he’s very friendly. I adopted him when I was 7 years old because I always had the desire to have a dog because I think animals are very good companions.

Guadalajara is a small city and doesn’t have much places for fun and from my point of view, is very boring. I plan my week in the app of reminders and calendar and in the days that I go to school I planned by this way, after I arrived home, I put my pajamas, then I lunch with my father because my mother is working, after I have a free time since 03:15pm until 04:15pm and later I start with my homework and study for the exams until 08:45pm , then I dinner and go to sleep, and I get shower on morning before I go to school. On weekend it depends because I can go out with my friends or I stay in home with my family usually when I stay in home is for study an exam.

I like to cook especially cupcakes or desserts although I also cook salty foods. I really like to watch series or movies, I could say that I am a cinephile but I also love going out with my friends in Madrid or Guadalajara. My friends and I go shopping sometimes, when the weather is great we stay in the pool of my friend all day, usually in summer. Sometimes also we help to each other with our homework and because of that way we have better grades. Some days of weekend we plan a movies afternoon my best friend and I and we like to watch Grey’s Anatomy.

For me traveling is the best thing in the world because I love being in different countries from mine with their own cultures. I have been in London, Istanbul, Cancun, Punta Cana, Lisbon and I lived for a year in Asunción, Paraguay. I would like to live in the future in New York because it is my dream since I was a child and then live around the world like Paris, London or Berlin. And finally I would love to study something related to criminology or public relations.

Thank you for taking time on reading this letter, I hope do you get an idea about me.

Kind Regards and see you soon,


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