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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



First of all I’d like to say how excited I am to take part in your American life! But let me introduce myself. My name is Caspar and I live in a town of 600.000 citizens in the north of Germany. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about your family yet, so I’m just going to tell you something about me. I’d like to start by saying that the family is a very important part of my life. I like to do lots of things with them, such as going on vacation, going out with them or just talking to them in general.

My school life in Germany is pretty stressy to be honest. There’s always something you have to do and you’re never really stress free, but I still like it a lot. School ends pretty soon in the afternoon, at around 2pm. It’s usually not that interesting, but I guess it has to be like that? In Germany we usually don’t have a canteen for all the students, pretty much everybody just brings his food from home and eats it outside during brake. We don’t choose our normal classes, we have to take those which are in the curriculum. So yeah, it is ok but I think the American system is way better!

If you are wondering why I chose America for my exchange year, here is the reason: I always loved watching american movies or series, and your country just always fascinated me. So I’m really happy that I can soon get the chance of meeting the people there and be able to live your lifestyle! I’m really hoping to find out as much as possible about the American way! What always fascinated me are the schools in USA, with all the different lockers for every student and the canteen where everyone eats his lunch. I also heard that your school system is way different than ours, so I am very curious to find out how the lessons will be. I, of course, would also like to improve my English. I think that living in the USA for a whole year really will have a big impact on my personality. I am eager to see what kind of feedback I will experience when I get back home after the exchange year.

I hope, that after a short period, your family will be like a second home to me! But since I’ve heard so much about the great American hospitality, I am almost certain of it :).

I really hope I can integrate in your family so well, that you’ll be able to treat me like a son. I’ll do my best to become part of your family and if you have any children, I really would appreciate if you treated me the same way you treat your children. What I am trying to say is that I do not expect any special treatment just because I am an exchange student. I’m very happy about what I can learn from you about your family, life and culture.

I am really excited to seeing you soon and thank you very much in advance for letting me live with your family!!

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