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16, Female Student ID: 198INSP107JYF Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Bike Riding
Board Games
Running or Jogging


My name is Cecilia and I’m sixteen years old. I live with my parents and I have a big brother. I’m a happy girl although I might seem a bit shy sometimes. I’m observant and demanding with the things I do. I enjoy every moment and I love sports, drawing and crafts among other things. I love to create things, It’s been years doing robotics, which I like a lot, as a member of a team taking part in an International Lego Tournament. We share lots of experiences.

Spain is friendly and its cuisine is well-known all over the world. My province has a very rich fauna and flora. I love trekking around the surrounding mountains here… And it’s only an hour away from the beach where I surf but as a beginner keeping balance on the board is still tough.

We are not a big family but we are close and fun. Mom is an accountant and dad an Engineer working for an aeronautical company. My brother is 22 and he is studying Mechanical Engineering. He loves creating on the 3D printer, plays water polo and loves sports too. My family loves travelling together visiting places I won’t forget. We love playing board games, Monopoly is our favorite, we enjoy talking and we like having such good times.

My grandparents live in the same city too. Granny loves cooking, she teaches me, and we have lunch together every Sunday.

Last summer I stayed with an Irish family to learn English. I helped the mother to make floral centerpieces for their local church. It was a great experience.

I got on really well with the kids. I taught them to draw and we had a lot of fun. I have twin cousin and I spend a lot of time with them. I also do robotics with children who are younger than me. You learn a lot from them.

I spent Christmas with my family. We always celebrate in my grandmother’s house. All my mother’s side of the family gather there so I get to meet my cousins. I help prepare dinner. We play games and have a lot of fun. Usually there are 14 of us.

At my house we mostly eat vegetables. We live in an area where they grow a lot. I like meat and fish. I also love croissants and spaghetti.

I’m studying in High School, science is my favorite, in eleventh grade, in a religious private school. It is a big school with great sport facilities (pool, tennis and basketball courts…) and offers education from the kindergarten to High School. I love technical drawing and Physics. Maths and Chemistry are good too. I spend hours with Technical Drawing where I develop my spatial vision which I’m good at. I would like to study Graphic Design.

I would like to thank my host family for inviting. I’m looking forward to learning your culture and language and to teach you mine. I’m sure is going to be an unforgettable experience. Thanks a lot!

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