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Dear Host family,

My name is Celia, I am 14 years old and I live in Madrid, Spain. I consider myself a very honest and funny person and I laugh a lot, but I also can be serious when it is needed. I like to chat with people about topics that seem interesting to me although I have easy to distract myself and think about my things, hehe but I’m working on it. I don’t like to argue and I don’t like fighting.

I want to go to the United States because I want to learn more about the language, the education system and the American culture. It will also help me to be more independent and autonomous. Going there was actually my idea because I don’t like to depend on having my parents with me all the time. My parents didn’t decline my idea because they also wanted me to go.

I don’t know what to expect about going there because everyone that I know that has been in the United States has had a different experience. I feel a mixture of feelings about this great experience in the US: i am a little shy at first, and i don’t want the family to think I’m not right, just that at first, I’ll be a little nervous and I’ll need a few days to get in and be myself, as I do at school. I want to meet a lot of people and make friends but it may be harder for me at first, but not for a long time. I will practice sports and sign up for clubs to meet people and little by little everything will be easier, I am very excited.

I have been going to camps since I was 6 years old. the first time I went it was 1 week without my family at a school camp, I went another week to the same camp the next year. Then, from 8 to 10 I went for two weeks each summer to an English camp. When I was 11 I went to Ireland for three weeks. At 12 years old I went to the English camp for two weeks again. Finally, I have been going to surf camps for the last two years. I have also travelled through Europe and America with my family.

My family consists in my sister, my mother and my father. My sister is 12 years old and she goes to the same school as me. My father is 48 years old, he works as at sales in a telco company. My mother is 43 years old, she is a businesswoman. I only have my grandparents from my mother’s side, they are retired because of their age. I have only met the rest of the family from my mothers side once, but I see my fathers side at least four times a year, we get on really well.

I go out with my friends at least once a week because we are neighbours. I spend a lot of time with them. I also go out with my school friends, but not that much since I see them almost everyday.

My school is a laic school so I don’t have religion classes. The school has about 1700 students and it goes from kindergarten to senior year.

My favourite classes are maths and English because I don’t have to study a lot to have good grades, I just have to be focused in class and pay attention to what we do.

To go to school I have to ride my bicycle through the countryside. I go to school with my sister. When it rains we can’t go through the mud because our wheels get stuck, so we go by car.

I have a lot of free time so I like to read to entertain myself during the week, on weekends I spend all day with my friends. Last year I played padel to do some sport, but this year I have decided to start with taekwondo. Also, I have decided to start taking German classes after Christmas because I want to continue what I left two years ago. Even though I have played a lot of sports I have never competed because my parents didn’t want me to. I also like skiing and surfing.

As I have already said, during the weekends I go out with my friends or my family. On Christmas I go skiing with my family. During summer I go to camps, to the mountain, to the beach and I also spend time in my condominium.

I think that this is everything important about myself. I am very excited about going to the USA next year, I am pretty sure it will be an unforgettable experience for me. Thank you very much for taking me into your home.


Celia – 🙂

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