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16, Female Student ID: 238JEVFRA029JYF France

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



Hello dear host family,

My name is Celia, at the time when I write this letter I’m 15 years old but I will be 16 when I arrive. I’m from France and live near Strasbourg. We live in a small town and I want to become an exchange student in your country!

I live with my 2 parents, my mother is 44 years old and my father is 42 years old. I have an older brother who is 18 years old. Furthermore, we have a dog, he’s adorable !! My dad is an electrician, he’s the head of his company, he works a lot! With my father, I often go karting and restaurant. He has a terrible sense of humor.

My mother was my father’s secretary and now she created her own sewing business, she’s courageous! With my mum, I often go shopping and restaurant and we cook often.

I’m proud of them !

My brother is a soccer player, sometimes my family and me watch his soccer matches. He’s a good soccer player and he teaches me how to play, but I’m not good.

With my dog, I have a very good relationship. I walk him almost every day.

I really like spending time with my family, but I like being alone too sometimes.

We love to travel, we have already traveled in Italia, Turkish, Dominican Republic, Caribbean islands, Canary islands, Belgium, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Germany. With my brother, we had the chance to participate in a summer camp in the United States. (California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah) It was fabulous. I have already visited The Grand Canyon, it was amazing! I love the landscapes of the United States!

About me, I’m currently in middle school (9th grade) but when I will be in the United States I’ll be in (11th grade). I live not very far from my school, so I go there on bike or by bus. When I go here, I’m attentive to the lessons and what the teachers tell me and explain to me. In school I’m a serious and dynamic student, but sometimes I’m a little unorganized. I also like to spend time with my friends and talking about everything and nothing. I’m a funny girl, I laugh all the time and I always have the smile. But when it is necessary to work, I work.

At the end of the classes I take the bus and I often go to visit my great grandmother (she lives in the same town as me). Coming back from school, I spend about 45 minutes doing my homework. Then I spend time doing hobbies like sports or watch the tv for example. Then I take a shower and I help my mother to cook and set the table. When I have free time I play football with my brother or I go to see my cousins (they are my neighbors) or I watch a movie. I love to watch romantic movies, action movies or humorous movies but I dislike horror movies. I love taking care of children and I also love animals (especially dogs and cats). I love to eat. I have no allergies and I can’t wait to taste American specialties!

I’m a very respectful, curious, grateful, open-minded and interested person. I love discovering new places, new people. I’m sociable but I’m a little shy at first. I love sports, I practiced badminton (I have already practiced swimming, judo and ski). In the United States, If possible I would really like to try different sports like the cheerleading, softball or lacrosse (In France there are not these sports).

I’m so happy to going to the United States because it has always been such a dream for me. I want to go to the United States for 10 months to discover the magnificent American culture, to integrate a family in which I could share my French culture and bring the “French touch”!! I think I’m a good candidate for this program because I love the United States, I’m sociable, I love to discover new people and new places and I adapt easily to new things, new places… There are so many things that I want to discover, try and learn. I can’t wait to discover the American school system, taste typical American food, participate in prom and see you how you celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read me, and perhaps choose me. I can’t wait to meet you!!

See you soon 😉


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