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16, Female Student ID: 208SIGE213JYF Germany

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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In the following text I will tell you something about me and my life.  First, I am very happy that you are interested in me and that you will host me for 10 months. I am Celina and I am 16 years old.

I live with my mum and my grandma in a big house in a small village close to a larger city.  My parents are separated but sometimes I wish they would still be together. But it is not bad because I have a good relationship with them. My mum is very cool she allows me usually everything, if I adhere to our rules. I think that is a very good agreement. Furthermore, my mum and I often do something together. For example we go shopping or cook something together. We love it. I can talk with my mum about everything and I think that is very good. She is always there, if I need her.

Next, I will present my dad. He lives in another city with his new girlfriend and her two dogs. I love the dogs very much and I like his girlfriend. I usually see them once a month. When we see each other we often watch films, eat together or go out with the dogs. Moreover, I have no siblings. I think that is good but sometimes I wish that I would have a brother or a sister.

Next, I will tell you something about me. I am a confident person. If I don`t agree I say it directly. But sometimes I am sensitive. I think that I am a very nice person because if you have problems you can talk with me and I would help you. In addition, I am always there for all my friends even if I am not feeling well. Also I am very helpful if you need my help in the kitchen or for other things. In my opinion I think that I am a very creative and funny person. I always laugh and try to make the best of everything.

In my freetime I often do something with my friends. For example we go shopping or we go out for a dinner. Sometimes we just talk and laugh about something. I have a lots of friends and I love them all. I am glad to have them and very thankful that they are always there for me.

Furthermore in my freetime I love it to dance or ride a horse. I love animals very much but my favourite animals are dogs and horses. I used to have two dogs but one of them died and the other I had to give up. I loved them so much and sometimes I miss them.

Moreover I love cooking because I enjoy eating. I haven´t a favourite food but I am often at Mc Donalds. Also I love potatos with meat and sauce.

Above all I love travelling all over the world because I like it to see other cultures and to relax for example at the beach.

I am really happy, that I will soon get the chance to get to know the country and the people living there. I really hope that I will be able to become a part of your family and live with you like a daughter. Maybe in exchange of you showing me culture of the USA, I could show you a bit of the German one. For example I can cook a typical German meal or bake a cake.

I would be happy, if you would see me as your daughter.nI am excited to see you soon and very greatful that you are taking me in.

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