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15, Female Student ID: 231BFEKOR015JYF South Korea

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



Hi, I’m Chaemin living in South Korea. First, thank you for volunteering as an exchange student host of the United States!

When I was in 7th grade, l saw a video of a Youtuber who was exchange student. After I saw the video I became interested in exchange student. So I researched many materials and videos. Then I had mind that I want to live in the America. l asked my mom and dad and applied this exchange student program. I’m already looking forward to going to America!

I’m living with my parents and two older sisters, and a young sister. When we have meals together, our family usually talk about future or share each other’s worries. My parents listen to our stories and tell us a lot of their experiences and advices. We often go to the beach and camping as all of my family members like to go to trips. Both of my parents are soldiers and they are Buddhist.

People say I am a positive kid. I always try to be positive and helpful to others. My hobby is dancing and playing the guitar, reading books, watching the movies. When l was child, I have experiences learning the piano and flute. In the piano competition, I won the grand prize twice and in the orchestra, I played the flute. l like to play with my friends. When I play with friends, l have fun and laugh very much. My friends listen to my worries well and give me solutions. And I like clothes and I am interested in clothes. Buying clothes makes me happy and it’s fun to dress in different styles. So when I have pocket money, I usually buy clothes wisely. When I go to America, I want to experience various American fashions and trends.

I go to a public middle school. In the school, I am participating in band club and dance club. All of the two clubs perform on the school stage when is school events and festival. While preparing for the concert, I was able to develop cooperation and unity with my friends and I felt joy. And I’m participating in student council. The student council is an important role for develop the school by collecting opinions from students and delivering them to teachers and parents. I am also the head of the event planning development in the student council. I was also able to develop cooperating and leadership in these activities. I want to experience various America school clubs and cultures like cheerleading activities in America.

There are many things that l am looking forward to through America exchange student. First, I want to make close and deep relationship with the host family and the friends I will meet in America. I hope that I will continue to have a deep relationship with my host family and America friends even when after l return to Korea. l want to learn many America cultures and share Korea cultures each other like traditional foods, holiday, traditional clothes, etc. Through this activities, I want to learn more about American culture and teach about Korean culture. Second is seeing ‘changed me’ when l came back to Korea after finish the exchange student program. I want to improve English and self management skills. As l became interested in America, l became interested in American culture. I want to experience as many things as possible such as parties and festivals that I can’t experience in Korea while living in America, and I want to see various tourist spots in America with my host family.

Thank you for reading this long letter and volunteering as an exchange student at the U.S. I look forward to meeting you in America soon! Thank you.

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