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15, Male Student ID: 231EKOKOR011JYM South Korea

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Bike Riding
Football (Soccer)
Skiing or Snowboarding


Hello, this is Chan. I am from South Korea. I am in 9th Grade at my middle school. I’m actually nervous but really looking forward to it.

To begin with, there are 4 members in my family. They are my mom, dad, a puppy, and me. My mom works for a company that deals with chemicals. She is very extroverted and good at cooking. My dad runs an air purification filter company. He is very diligent, and he likes to travel. My dog always sleeps at home, but she is so cute.

People around me often say that I am really bright and positive person. Hence, I get along with others very well. Also, I’ve been told that I’m very considerate and sociable. However, my strength sometimes become weaknesses too. I sometimes have hard time being rational since I rarely express my anger or complaints. So, it sometimes makes some problem. For example, when I was in elementary school, our team did not play well at the beginning in sports day, so everyone was so disappointed. Still, thanks to my positive energy, everyone was able to try their best. As a result, our team finally won the games and got prizes. As I mentioned above, I am an outgoing person who really likes to mingle with people from various countries. Therefore, I believe that I am a perfect candidate for this program.

When someone ask me what sports I like, I always answer that I like swimming, basketball, and tennis the most. When I play those, I can release my stress. When it comes to my hobbies, I enjoy playing guitars and cooking. So, I sometimes cook for my family and have dinner with dishes I made. Talking about foods, my favorite foods are Korean and Italian foods. I really look forward to having those foods with my new family. Plus, for my favorite activity, I usually ride bicycle in my free time, and I go snowboarding during the winter season. I also like Christmas because I can spend my time with families and reflect my whole year. Yet, I only experienced Christmas in Korea, so I really want to experience Christmas in states.

I appreciate that you spent your time for reading my letter. I hope I can become one of your family members. Also, I am really thankful to my host family since they will help me adapt in a new environment. Thank you so much.

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