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Cheuk Ying (Jessica)

16, Female Student ID: 198CEHK006JYF Hong Kong

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LETTER FROM Cheuk Ying (Jessica)

Cheuk Ying (Jessica)

I am Cheuk Ying. My English name is Jessica. My hobbies are cooking and playing sport. Regarding cooking, I like to make western desserts, such as pudding, cake etc…Regarding sport, I have learnt swimming for 4 years and learnt canoeing for 2 years. I won several awards in the canoe competition when I was in Form 1 and 2. I also learnt baseball, rock climbing in my school P.E. lessons. Beside studies, I sometimes playing badminton with my friends and cycling with my dad and mum in weekends.

I love eating but I am allergic to shrimp. I like to eat the food that mum seldom cooks at home. I like to cook the food by watching YouTube or cook food that I ate outside because it will give me some ideas to cook the food at home. My best friend also likes making desserts, so we have the same topic to share and she likes to share with me her handmade cakes.

My family members are dad, mum and myself. I live in a very tall building with 40 floors, my flat is located at 18th floor, and there are 16 flats on every floor. We have a good relationship with neighbors. My mum love me very much for which no matter how tired she is, she will persist to cook dinner for me and dad. My mum always teach me how to cook dinner and desserts in weekends. My dad will take me out to eat delicious food in weekends and during the school holidays. Besides, my dad encourage me to go to the library to borrow some books or magazines to read, but I seldom follow his instruction because dad has a lot of books at home and I can read his books instead, books such as comic, movies etc…My dad also tell me to read more books to increase the academic result especially for composition both in Chinese and English. I will go to the United States for studying, so I try to read more books to upgrade my knowledge, e.g. American history.

In my school life, I have some friends and some teachers who are in good relationship with me. When I face any difficulties in doing homework, both my friends and teachers will teach me how to solve the problems.

Finally, I am excited to study in the United States. Everything for me is a new start and I hope that the coming 10 months will be full of joy and harvest. I would like to thank you for taking care of me and your hospitality.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the United States.

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