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Hi everybody! I’m very excited to have the opportunity to study one year in the United States, meet fantastic new people and learn a lot of new things about culture, the language and the country.

First of all I wanna introduce myself, I’m Claudia, a possible future exchange student! I am a Spanish girl who loves sports, meeting with my family and friends, learning new things, watching TV and series, listening to music… I consider myself very empathetic, so I always try to know how the other person feels; passionate, I do all with the best attitude I have; lovely, then when someone feels bad I try to remember her/him how amazing she/he is and do them know that I will always be there, I also love hugs; but specially I think I like improve myself every single day (I love be my best version).

Talking about what I love to do with my family and my friends: every Friday evenings I go with my friends to snack, depend of the day we go to a cafeteria or we buy some candies and chocolates, we usually go to a shopping center that it calls X-Madrid because it’s near of our houses. I spend a lot time with my friends. On Saturdays I meet my family to go to a restaurant or to the park. I love to spend time with them; I think they are one of the most amazing people I will ever meet.

I want to introduce my family. My mother, I have to thank her all that I know about life, she is an amazing woman and I know that if I have a problem she always will be there to help me and advise me; my brother, I adore him becuse of his smile and joy, sometimes we go to the park to play games and hang out together; my aunt, she is a very sweet person and I like talk with her about TV series or programmes; my other aunt, she is an incredible and enthusiastic person, when we go to snack we always ask for pancakes, they are delicious and I feel really good in that moment; my cousin, he is very naughty but he has a really big heart, he loves playing with me and my brother; and my grandfathers, I usually go to their house on Thursdays and my grandmother prepares me a very delicious meal like omelet or paella.

Talking about my activities I have to say some things. The sport that I practice is boxing, but I also have participated in other activities like dance or gymnastics. I love boxing, because it clears me up and every single day I am improving my level of strength. At the moment I am just practicing boxing, but someday I would like to practice volleyball or back to gymnastics. I still love that sport. Now I am very interested in USA gymnastics, I like to watch videos of Aly Raisman and Simone Biles’ gymnasts routines (they are my favorite athletes).

Now I would like to talk about school. I like to go to school and learn more everyday and stay with my friends. I am more interested in science, so my favorite subjects are biology and physics and chemistry, although I also love English.

Continuing with the academic theme I have to say one more thing. In the future I would like to study medicine and be a great surgeon to save a lot of people. I know I will have to study very hard, but thinking about having the chance to save lives impresses me.

I also love to watch TV series and movies like Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Outer Banks…

Finally, I wanna talk about this big opportunity. I have always liked English, but this idea started in my head when I met a Youtube channel about a girl that shows her American style of life. From there I started to be more interested in this, in learning a different culture, meeting new people and controlling this amazing language. I think this opportunity will change me, I think I will be more independent, responsible and mature than I already am. To finish I want to thank you for having read this special letter and giving me the chance to live this incredible experience that will change a lot of parts of my life.

Thanks from my heart.

I’m the luckiest person!


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