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Dear family,

Hi I’m Claudia, I’m 14 years old, I’m Spanish. I would like to tell you through this letter, certain aspects of my life, my personality, my country, and my family. As you know I live in Spain, I love my country, it’s fun and modern, I live in the south, where people are more cheerful and we have many summer days. A lot of foreign people come to visit Spain.

I am a tall girl, I have long brown hair and I´’ve got the eyes green. I am really friendly, and talkative but a little bit shy.

I want to tell you that I live with my parents and with my two brothers. My father is tall, athletic and very funny. I have a really good relationship with him. We are always laughing. He works as a dentist and loves his job. He has his own clinic and makes different trips to improve his training. My mother is beautiful and smiling, we are very close and we are very similar, we always go shopping, watch series together… She works as an economist and works as an asset adviser in a large bank in Spain. My brother is 17 years old. He is tall, strong, friendly and outgoing. Sometimes we argue a bit because we like different things, but we are very close. My other brother is 15 years old, he is also strong and tall and I have a very good relationship with him and sometimes we hang out together because we have friends in common. One of my brothers participated in the program two years ago.

I study in a bilingual school, my school is big with almost 1000 students. My school is 20 miles away from my house. Every day I go by bus. At school I have my group of friends. We have known each other since we were 5 years old. At my school we do sports almost every day. In my school there is a big soccer field, there are also several basketball courts, a pavilion to do gymnastics and soccer and there is even a pool that we bathe in summer. Every day I got up at 7:30 a.m. It’s hard for me to get up early, get a shower, dress up and eat breakfast. The bus picks me up at 8:40 am. At 6:00 pm I arrive home. When I get home I’m a little bit hungry, so I have something to eat and then I do my homework. My favorite subjects are geography, Spanish, English and physical education. In the future I would like to be an economist.

On Saturdays I usually hang out with my friends, we go shopping, go to a cafe, to the park… and with some of my friends on mondays and fridays we go together to kick boxing.

I´m really excited to go to the United States because I want to live a new experience with a new family, new friends, new school… and because I want to get a higher level of English. Another reason I want to go is to discover different cultures and different languages. I’m a little bit scared that my English level is not good enough, although I´ve been studying since I was little, I sometimes feel it’s hard for me to express myself.

I have always seen TV series and movies from the USA on television and in the movies. It looks like an open and modern country, with an impressive nature and with very different people but with a unique country feeling that I like very much.

When I traveled with my parents to London and Budapest, what I liked the most was to try food from other countries, customs and culture different from ours, another way of living.

At Christmas, we celebrate it at my house. We get together with all the family, my grandmothers, my aunts and uncles and most amusing of all the cousins, since many of them live outside of my city and we love to play together and have plans. There are two very important days in my country, on 24 december and december 31 and what we do is to alternate it with my father´s and my mother´s family. This year, it will be a bit strange not to be here but I’m sure that I will have a great time living it with you in a different way.

To finish my letter, I would like to thank you heartily, my American family, thank you because it is a unique and wonderful opportunity and to give me this experience is a gift. I know I will miss my family but it seems cool to spend a year living with you. Thank you for your generosity and for being so open to people from other countries, with different customs we can live in your home, I will show you my culture, how wonderful is my country in southern Europe and enjoy the incredible of the United States, to live and study with American children, improve my English, make new friends and especially have my American family that I want it to be forever.



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