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15, Female Student ID: 238HUSESP010JYF Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



Dear possible host family,

First of all, thank you so much for reading this letter and perhaps considering me part of your family.

In my family we’re five, my mother, my father, I have a sister who is 21 years old and I also have a brother, he is 12 years old. I like pets and my brother too, that is why we have a guinea pig, called Trisky. My sister doesn’t live with us because she is studying university, but sometimes she visits us. An activity we like doing together is playing Pádel, it is an sport similar to tennis. We also like watching movies together, we usually do it on Saturday evenings.

Now, about me. I’m Claudia and I’m 15 years old. I consider myself a little shy at first, but with time I take confidence. If I had to describe myself with just 3 words I would say: empathic, funny and relaxed. I’m a little stubborn, I have my own opinions… I know I should try to change that, I’m doing my best! I am also an independent person, I hardly ever need others to remind me what I have to do, I’m responsible. I would love learning a new culture and you to show me what you like doing, I’m a curious person. When I have had any problem I always tried to solve it by myself but I usually ask for help to my parents. I remember few years ago, I went to a summer camp far from home, at first it was hard for me to adapt, but the second week I got used to it. Also last year I went with my french mates to Paris, we went just for 4 days but I enjoyed a lot. I love travelling and discovering new places. I love listening to music, some artists I like are: Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Coldplay, The Weeknd, Lana del Rey… Watching movies is another thing I love, some of my favourites are: Harry Potter (the third one is the best ;)), The greatest showman, Mamma mia, The hunger games… I love reading too, I think spending time in libreries is a great hobbie. And finishing with my hobbies, watching sunsets is a thing I love doing, sunshines are so beautiful too, but in order to watch them I have to wake up so early, so I prefer sunsets! hahahaha

In USA I would like to learn how to play volleyball. I would love going to an American High School, get to know a new country and meet new people. I know I shouldn’t talk too much with my Spanish family, I’m going to make a great effort, but I suppose the first days I will talk to them more than I should.

I’m so thankful to the family that is going to consider me part of their family. I would love cooking spanish food for you and teach you how to do it, and if you want I could even teach you some spanish!! I hope I fit in with you and we get along incredibly!

Thank you so much,


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