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16, Female Student ID: 198INSP113JYF Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



Hi, I’m Claudia and I’m very excited to participate in this program. I am a very extroverted girl, nice, a little shy with people, but when I exchange communication with them I become very friendly. I really like sports, I usually go to the gym three times a week. I like to talk a lot because I like to meet other people and know about them. Where I live is a small city but very welcoming. Here one of the best tradition is the Festival of Moors and Christians. Held over three days and people wear a different costume.

In my family we are very close. My parents are divorced but we all have a good relationship. My mother works in a hanger factory. She is my support, we are very close to each other. Every time I have a problem she is the first person that gives me a lot of good advices. My father works in a delivery company. He is a very peaceful and a very kind person. He likes to travel and with him every summer my brother and I travel together. I have a brother of twelve years. I get along very well with him although sometimes we get angry, but it’s normal since he is younger than me and he likes to do what I do. During the weekend we usually go for a walk and go to visit towns next to mine, in summer days we go down to the next town to the beach. On Sundays it is our family day since we always go to eat to a restaurant and then we spend the afternoon together.

I am currently studying 4th of ESO (10th grade). My favorite subjects are philosophy and mathematics. My high school is big. It has five floors and there are two buildings one new and the other old. There is a breakfast cafeteria in the mornings. What I would like to study in the future is fashion design, It is my passion and I hope to achieve my goals.

I usually get together with a small group of friends. Normally we go to the movies, shopping, going to have coffee even many nights we go to have dinner.

My day to day is very active. Every morning I get up an hour before going to school, I get dressed, I comb my hair and then I have breakfast at home, later I take the bus to High School. I spend six to seven hours in class. Then I go home walking. When I arrive home I prepare lunch and when I finish I immediately start studying because I like to have my homework up to date. When I finish I always pick up the house and keep it clean and tidy. In the afternoon I go to the gym one or two hours to relax and feel good. When I get home I cook dinner because my mother works and when she gets home she is tired. After dinner I brush my teeth and go to sleep and so every day.

One of the reasons why I’m going to USA is because I would like to improve my English. I would like to make new friends and see a new world, since I am a traveling and explorer girl who likes to discover new things every day. I have never traveled abroad so this would be the first time, and I have to say that I am very excited to go.

Normally every Saturday we clean the house together. Always, we distributed the tasks.I usually clean the kitchen with the help of my mom, then I clean the bathroom, dust from my room and the hall and I leave my well clean room. I cook a lot since my mother has been a cook and cooks very well, so she is my best cooking apprentice. Cooking pasta, meats, soups and, above all, what I like best are desserts.

In summer I have traveled a lot. The place that I liked the most was Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Also the most beautiful place I have visited has been Finland. I was there for a week and it was wonderful.

Here we usually celebrate Christmas with the family but not in a big way. My family does not live so close to me, we have to take the car to go see them but they are not far away. My grandparents live near me and I often visit them, because I love them too much. Currently my paternal grandmother is a little sick and I visit her more often, in case she needs my help.

I really want to be part of my host family as I would like to share my culture and some of my customs with them. I want to know the culture of the USA because it seems to me very interesting and very nice. I am very excited and I am certain that everything will be great and we will have a great experience. I am also sure that if I need I could talk to my host family for advice and support. I am very grateful, thank you for inviting me to your home. You are very generous and I am very grateful for your hospitality.

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