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15, Female Student ID: 228ICSP160JYF Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!



Dear host family,

I hope this letter will help you to get to know at least a little about my daily life and hobbies in order to find a family that best fits with my lifestyle.

To start I want to introduce myself. My name is Claudia, I am 15 years old and I live with my parents and my little brother in a city called Valladolid, in Spain. My brother and I were born in Valladolid, but my parents were born in Salamanca (other city in Spain near to Valladolid), so practically all my family lives there. I love spending time with my family.

Now I am going to talk about what I usually do in a weekday. I get up at 7:30 am, and I have breakfast with my brother, then I brush my teeth and i get dressed. School starts at 8:40 am and it ends at 14:30. I usually go to school walking. When I arrive from school, I have lunch. On Mondays and Wednesdays I go to English lessons from 16:30 to 18.00, and on Fridays I have paddle lessons from 18.00 to 19:00. I also go to the gym four times a week. On weekends, I usually hang out with my friends, except on weekends before the exams week. I also like to go to watch my brother’s football matches.

It’s time to let you know what are my hobbies, my favourite sports and my favourite things to do. One of my favourite things in the world is travelling. In fact, that is one of the reasons why I decide to life this experience. Discovering new cultures, visiting beautiful places, meeting new people or getting out of your comfort zone are some reasons why I love travelling. My favourite places to travel are coast places and big cities. I loved the time I went with my family to London and we spend the whole day walking around the city, and although at the end we were exhausted, in the end, it was worth it. Other thing I like to do is watching Netflix series with my mother. One of our favourite shows is Vampire Diaries. We watch 8 seasons in a month! When it ended, we were like: what are we supposed to do now?! Well, now I am going to tell you about my favourite sports. I started playing volleyball 3 years ago, just before the quarantine. My friends and me decide to start playing a sport and we thought volleyball would be a good choice. Although we stopped playing because de pandemic, we still play (not in a team) but we sometimes meet in sport centres to play. I also enjoy playing paddle, which is similar to tennis, and I’ve been playing this sport since I was around 8 years old, and I really enjoy playing it.

To conclude I want to thank all the families that are willing to accept exchange students like me in their houses, helping with it to fulfill one of the best experiences of our lifes.

With love,


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