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15, Female Student ID: 228INSP025JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear host family,

My name is Cristina, I´m 15 years old and I´m from Spain. Firstly I would like to thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity of living with you.

I consider that I´m an open minded person, nice, polite, thoughtful, positive and sporty. Sometimes a bit shy but I love meeting new people. I´m sure I´m going to have a lot of friends there!

Why I want to go to USA? Oh, easy. I think it´s an amazing opportunity to learn English, to travel, to meet a lot of new people, to live the experience of living with another family…! I´m so excited about it and I´m sure I want to do it.

I have already lived out of Spain. I have lived two years in Strasbourg, France. The difference is that in France I was with my family. But I think that this is going to help me to improve my organization and my responsibility. It was an exceptional experience that not all people can live. I´m so grateful that I can travel and do things like going one year to USA!

My daily routine starts at eight o´clock in the morning. I dress up, have breakfast and go to school at nine o´clock. In my school we wear a green and marine blue uniform. I have lunch there and I finish school at five o’clock. When I arrive home, I start doing my homework or studying. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I also go swimming. I usually finish my activities at nine or ten o´clock, I have dinner and, if I have free time, I like reading a book, but if it´s too late, I go to sleep. That´s my daily routine during the week.

Weekends are different. Friday after school I usually to go out with my friends and have dinner outside with them. Saturday morning I wake up at eleven, more or less, and I do my homework. After having lunch with my family, in the afternoon, I go out again with my friends. I have a lot of fun with them! And finally, I take advantage of Sunday to finish my homework or studying an exam.

In my school I am in the 4th year of ESO (sedondary school). I´m taking Arts and my favorite subject is History because, in my opinion, it is really interesting. I also like Sports because I enjoy doing sport and trying new things. And the one that I hate is Maths.

I have a lot of friends in my school and also out of the school. All of them are great. We usually go to the city center and we go shopping, having dinner, or just for walking. Sometimes we also go around the city, in the surrounding towns. Or we just stay at somebody´s house and watch a movie or talk about something.

Due to my parents’ jobs and my school timetable, during the week we cannot have lunch as a family. So on weekends we love spending our time all together. My family and me are so carnivorous, we love eating meat. But we also eat fish even though I don’t like it so much. We also eat vegetables and fruits every day. I am not so fond of fruit but my mum forces me to eat them.

My mother and me are a little bit different as we are celiac. We cannot eat gluten but we are already used to manage with that. This is one of my main concerns for my stay in USA, but I am sure my host family will help me with whatever is necessary.

We are four people in my family. My mother, my father, my brother and me. I´m the youngest of the family. My mother is absolutely amazing. She does a lot of things like washing, cleaning, going shopping, cooking… And, at the same time, she takes me to school, she helps me choosing my clothes, studying, she takes me to the city center by car… I love her. She is an English teacher but though she´s not working now, she will get a new job soon.

My father is the best at fixing broken things and barbecuing. He works almost all the day, but on weekends he likes doing barbecue or riding his bicycle. He´s very funny, creative and smart. He´s really good at Maths and that´s why he always helps me with my Maths exercises.

And finally, my brother. He is my big and only brother and he´s 17 years old. We have a good relation though sometimes we fight a little bit, but it´s always joking. He loves playing basketball, football… well, doing sports in general. He has a lot of friends too. And he loves going to our grandparents’ house in the South West of Spain with all the family. At Easter´s holidays we all go there with our uncles, aunts and cousins, and it´s amazing spending time with them. I also like it so much.

I usually spend Christmas with the family, both my father’s and my mother’s. They are days absolutely special for me and I enjoy so much meeting my cousins, opening presents and singing Christmas carols.

In summer I always go to a village in the East of Spain. There is a very long beach there and I meet all my summer friends who come from different places of Spain. Every year I also go to a Summer Camp. They are always amazing days full of fun.

My hobbies are cooking and baking because my mum has taught me how to do it so as to help me with my celiac disease. I also love reading, for that reason last Christmas I received an E-book as a present. I usually practice sports like skating (both on ice and figure), paddle, dancing, artistic gymnastics and this year I am going swimming to the indoor swimming pool.

I use to help at home doing some things like cleaning, making the dinner, taking out the trash, making my bed, tidying my room…

I love my country and most of its features. People in Spain are always really nice and it´s kinda easy to make new friends. I have a lot of fantastic friends and I know I´m going to miss them. Spain has a lot of exceptional and amazing places like Pirineos, all the Spanish beaches, cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, Málaga… I strongly believe that Spain is one of the most wonderful places in the world to visit.

Personally speaking I´m not really sure about what I want to do in the future. I like a lot of things and all those things are so different. I like criminology or psychology, architecture, art, teaching… I don´t know yet.

And this is a small summary about my life and about me. I hope you like it and meet you soon.

Thank you very much!


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