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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Adventures, mysteries, experiences, moments, realities, words, memories, laughter, release all the air and breathe again, fly, fear, enjoy, even cry, make mistakes, dream, sentences, expectations, challenges, concerns, find your place, steps, stand out, surpass yourself myself, fall and then get up, dance and sing, shout from the rooftops ….. that and a thousand other things.

And you may wonder why not say hello and follow the guidelines of the letter?

Instead I will ask you and why not? I think that in this life you have to do all those things that I mentioned before, each one of the things that I named in order to be happy.

Life is short, in the blink of an eye everything is over. That is why I want to live unforgettable experiences and moments, I want to know the world from all its corners, make new friends, see other customs and live a different kind of life. For these reasons I want to go to the United States to study for a year. Basically I want to live, in each and every one of the senses that this word can encompass.

But first of all you should know me better, my name is Cristina but I prefer to be called Cris. I live in Spain, in a region in the north of this country.

I am a normal girl with a family made up of a mother who is a solicitor, a father who is a computer science teacher, I also have an 18 year old sister who is studying at the university and a 16 year old brother who is studying at the high school. Something normal and ordinary right? Oh, and I have two dogs, Pipa who is a Cocker Spaniel and Max a Bichon Maltese breed.

Right now I’m a freshman year, I still don’t know what I want to study. How am I going to know what I want to dedicate myself to for the rest of my life? It seems very difficult to know, because today I wake up wanting to be a teacher and I go to bed with a very different idea, such as being an actress. It is something that I cannot predict but as time passes I will discover … or so I hope;)

I have many friends that I see continuously at school, but my group of best friends is made up of three boys and my best friend, for me they are unmatched. With them I can be myself without worrying, it doesn’t matter if we just talk in a bench because whatever we do stays stored in my head as if it were a treasure.

I do a monotonous routine, I go to school, I study, I help at home, I dance on Fridays, I listen to music to disconnect, I go to the gym with a special friend, I read most of my time, And during the weekend I meet my friends and we do anything depending on the day. Something normal for a teenager like me.

I have never been to live abroad and that scares me but it also drives me to go, I guess because of all the things I named before.

In my house we eat and have dinner all together, my parents are the ones who cook. The only things I have ever cooked are desserts, omelettes, microwave food, a hamburger, smoothies and little else. However, if something gets into my head, I can get it, I just need a little practice.

In summer we all go to the beach house in Valencia and in winter we ski in the mountains of Asturias.

As my family lives near my house, I see them quite often, which makes me happy.

Now I will tell more about myself, I like to have my space, I love to read because I live thousands of lives and I get into history with ease if I get caught by the worn pages. I am a huge fan of any type of music, it gives me feelings to listen to some songs and it also inspires me. I also love traveling and seeing new places. I like sports such as dancing, although it is not very good because I started it last year, but, I have done more sports such as swimming, athletics, skating, basketball … and skiing. I have been practicing this since I was very little, every winter I go skiing with my family and some friends.

And I think I have nothing more to tell.

Dear person, people or family who are reading this, I thank you for having read this letter and I would be very happy if you would welcome me. I am looking forward to meeting you and share my culture with you.

Again thank you very much, and remember that if you do not risk you will not succeed, but this should not scare you because if you fall you get up and continue your walk, live a life that you will remember and leave your mark.

Greetings and a thousand thanks,

Cris 🙂

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