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15, Male Student ID: 208USSP009JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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My name is Daniel, I’m 15. My father is from England and my mother is from Spain. I was born in London. I lived in England, but then when I was 18 months old I moved to a Spanish island called Ibiza where my mother was born.

I live in a town there. I use to go to a school in the town where I live, but 3 years ago I changed to the High School I go to now which is in a city nearby. I have to wake up early in the morning to catch the bus at 7am because I start classes at 8 am.

My hobbies are music and basketball. I’ve been studying in a music school for 8 years. I play the clarinet and I would like to learn to play the piano. I play in a local band and we play different types of music including Spanish traditional, big band, disco, movie music, etc. I have always liked basketball but I only started playing for a local team this year after going to a summer camp this year.

I also like travelling and I’ve been to a lot of places such as the Caribbean, Europe, United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia, Scandinavia, etc. I am really looking forward to the opportunity of living in and experiencing the United States.

I speak three languages: English (because of my father), Spanish and Ibicenco/Catalan (because of my family and because it is one of the languages of my home town). I also know a little bit of German from two years of classes at school (but I’m not very good at speaking it).

I have a very close relationship with my family. In particular my cousin, Sofia, was born one month before me and we get on very well. Because of this, but also because I am an only child, it would be nice if my host family had other children.

I look forward very much to meeting you.

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