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I’m Daniela. I’m 14 years old (I will be 15 before I go to the USA). I’m from Spain, I have two nationalities because my father is from Brazil.

I have visited a few times Brazil and I loved it, Brazil is completely different as Spain, has different culture, food, people… And I love it, seeing other cultures is my passion. This is why I’m so excited to go to the USA and living so different.

My mom is 48 years old and she is an engineer, she loves doing sports , reading and being with the family. My mom is the calmest in the family.

My father is 43 years old, my father is so active he needs to do something every time, he usually goes running every morning. He cooks really well brazilian food, and pasta too.

My sister is 12 years old, she is always smiling but sometimes she is a little bit annoying, but we have really good time together, we talk about school, my friends, her friends… We sometimes play volleyball at the beach.

When I wake up, at 7:00am all the family is awake everyone those their morning routine and then at 7:30 my father leaves and goes to work by car, at 7:50 me and my sister leaves to school and we go walking and then my mother goes to work at 8:00 walking.

I have an hour to have a shower, have little breakfast, dress up and all that stuff, and then I go to school, I have less than 5 minutes.

I love school, I don’t really like homework, exams and waking up really early, but once I’m there I have some much fun with all my friends, because I love talking to everybody. I love talking but I know when to talk and when to stay quiet and study.

The subjects I have at school are: Catalan, Spanish, Maths, French, History, Geography, PE, Music, Technology, Art, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Biology and Geology.

I finish school at 14:30 and I eat with my mom and my sister. Then I do homework. On Mondays for example I don’t have nothing. On Tuesday I eat, and at 15:50 I need to go to English classes that starts at 16:00 and finishes at 17:30, then at 18:20 one of my teammates come and pick me up to go to volleyball. On Wednesday I only have volleyball. On Thursday English at the same time as Tuesday, and then on Friday I have volleyball.

When I’m at home alone I love play music and dancing all the time, I feel really happy.

On weekends I always have a volleyball match.

I sometimes meet with my friends, we go to have lunch, dinner, we sometimes go to parties or we make a little party on some of my friends house. When I’m not with my friends I am always with my family and we go shopping (which is one of the activities I love the most), or we do something else. We hardly ever go to the mountain to hike, because my parents don’t like the mountain their prefer the beach, I like both.

I love being busy during the week and weekend.

I eat everything, love tasting new food. I love pizza, pasta and salad.

I would like to try new sports which I don’t have the opportunity to try it in Spain, like: softball, track and field…

And also, I would like thank you for having me, and giving me the opportunty to live and learn your culture. I am so excited for having this experience

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