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The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

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Dear host family,

I am David, a teenage boy from a small city of Spain called Burgos. I am 14 years old now (2021), but I will travel to America being 15. Two important things about me are that I am not a photogenic person (you will see in the photos) and that I truly love laughing.

First of all, I would like to talk about my interests, starting by the sport. I have a liking for almost all kind of sports, but the one I like the most is swimming. I swim in a team and I really like the people at my club as I feel at ease with them and time flies when we are together.

I am also a big fan of soccer, soccer is my cup of tea. My favourite team is Real Madrid and I feel passionate about it because every match makes me feel euphoric and excited.

Next year, in America, I would like to try another sport, not swimming. I would prefer taking up soccer or joining a gym. I have done soccer before, but there has been a long time since I do not play football so I think it could be difficult to join a team but if I achieve it, it would be easy to recover my level and to improve. So the difficult thing is finding a team that accepts me. But in the other hand, if I do not get chosen by any team it would not be a problem as I would also love to join a gym.

Another significant thing in my life is music. Music is my cup of tea, I listen to music every day as it allows me to forget about everything and to chill out. One thing I find weird about this is that my music preference changes so frequently, depending on how my life is going on I prefer listening to a music genre or another. Some of the genres that I have a taste for are reggaeton, rap (english and spanish one), trap or pop and some of the artists that I am into are Bad Bunny, Walls or Trueno.

Relating to school, I truly like going to school. Not for the lessons, but for seeing my friends, they are all in my class. I really love going to school because I have a laugh with them every day and just talking with my real friends is having a great time.

Regarding the lessons, I am a hard-working person and I always try to do my best at lessons and exams. However, I recognise that I talk a lot in class, but I do not talk and talk without doing anything, what I like is talking while working so work gets much easier and also funny.

Talking about family, I would say that my relationship with both of my parents is pretty good. We sometimes argue, but this is a common thing in every relationship. I recognise that I argue more with my mother than with my father, but it is not a problem, I reckon that this is just because my tastes are more similar to my father´s ones.

I have a sister too, she is two years older than me, but we have a desirable relationship. I have never seen two siblings who get along better than us. This is for real, we barely argue, we are like a team and we always try to help each other.

Another thing I would like to point out is that my village is part of my life. My village is located in Soria, a province that is like two hours away from Burgos. But although I do not often go, when I am there I have more fun than in any other place as the people there are so friendly and as the village is small, we all know each other and we have so much fun because my parents let me be all day long outside with my friends, we go home just for eating and sleeping. But the best of all is at night, we stay outside having fun at night as there is no problem of being outside, in the city we cannot do this because there are people in the streets and it can sometimes be dangerous, but not in my village as there is no one in the streets we do not know so it is totally safe.

And the last but not the least, friends. My friends have always been the most important thing for me, as mines are real and they are with me through thick and thin. Whenever I have a problem, I go and tell them and they always try to help me or make me forget about it. And they are also in the best moments of my live, almost every beautiful memory is with my friends.

I really do not have lots of friends, just a few good ones in Burgos, and another few ones in the village, but I prefer having a few good ones than having lots of “normal” friends.

The most important ones for me are the ones in Burgos, we have a group in which we are 4. Our group is very small, but we have a lot of fun together, and, the most important thing for me, we feel confident together and there is such a great vibe between us. We tell each others everything and we always have a real laugh together.

Hope you can know a little bit more about me. I am very grateful for hosting me during the next year. I am very excited to meet you soon.

Best Regards,


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