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15, Male Student ID: 208LTSP018JYM Spain

The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build a life-long relationship!

Ice Hockey


My name is David, I’m 15 years old. I live in a city 30 minutes driving from Madrid, Spain.

I’m a very sportive person and I like knowing new people and travelling. I am sociable, responsible, punctual, kind and hard worker. I speak Spanish, English, German and French. I play basketball, I do skim boarding and sometimes I go diving or skiing. I have played ice hockey, golf, tennis and paddle tennis.

I would like to go to the United States because I want to improve my English, I like traveling and knowing different cultures and I want to try new sports. I was the one who decided to live this experience because I think it will help me with my English, it will be positive for my future and I may have fun.

I’ve gone to summer camps since I was like 6 years old, because my parents had been summer camp counselors until I was born, and they think it is a very enriching experience.

I’ve been in sport camps, multi adventure camps and English camps in Ireland. I have travelled a lot. I travelled to Canary Islands, Germany, Punta Cana, Ireland and I’ve visited most of the cities of Spain.

When I was 12, I went on an exchange experience to Oklahoma for two months. I lived with another family and I liked so much that I would like to repeat it. But this time for longer period.

Here in Spain, I live with my father, my mother, my sister and with my rabbit. My father works in an office at a corporation. My mother is a teacher. My sister is called Lucía, she is 13 years old, she goes to the same school as me, and she also plays basketball. My rabbit is called Socky.

We do a lot of things as a family, we travel together, sometimes we play sports, we go out for dinner, we go shopping, etc. I have two grandfathers and two grandmothers. I also do things together with my grandparents, but not as much as with my parents and sister or with my friends.

My school is a private school. In each class there are approximately 30 children. It is primary school and middle school. We go to school from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock. My favorite subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Physical Education. Usually, I go to school by car, but sometimes I have to go by bus or walking.

Here in Spain, I play basketball and I compete with other teams from Madrid. I play a basketball match every Saturday and we practice every Tuesday and every Friday.

Every summer, when I go to the beach, I do skim boarding. It is like surfing on the seashore. I also play Frisbee with my father or with my friends.

In the USA, I would like to practice as much sports as possible. I would like to play basketball, American football, ultimate, boxing, baseball and swimming.

I like to spend my free time doing sport, hanging out with my friends and sometimes playing video games. On Saturdays, I use to play a basketball match, do homework and studying. In the afternoon I hang out with my friends and if I don’t have any plans I play video games. On Sundays, sometimes I go to play basketball with my teammates, or with my father and sister. I also may visit my grandparents, or hang out with my friends, or I go somewhere with my family.

On summer holidays, I go to a summer camp for 15 days. Then I go to our house in Piles, a small beach village in Valencia. We may also travel somewhere else with my family. In Piles, I go to the beach with my friends, I play sports, I skim board, and sometimes I go to visit other places of Valencia with my family.

Last year I achieved my diving license, so sometimes I go diving with my family.

On Christmas holidays, I normally stay in Madrid and visit my cousins, uncles and grandparents, to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve with them. I also hang out with my friends and play basketball. Afterwards we go to a 4-day skiing trip.

I’m really looking forward to going to the United States with you. Thank you very much for letting me stay in your house.

I really appreciate your effort.

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