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Dayeon (Diane)

16, Female Student ID: 198BFSK014JYF South Korea

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LETTER FROM Dayeon (Diane)

Dayeon (Diane)

Hello! My name is Dayeon.

I sincerely thank you for volunteering to be the host for my one year exchange student program. I live in Korea. My English name is Diane and I am sixteen years old in my junior year of high school. I live with my parents near the capital of Korea.

I applied for an exchange student because I wanted to understand American culture for my dream. While living in America, I want to learn and understand America, as well as improve my language skills and experience culture in person. I want to meet good friends and host parents and continue good relationships with them in the future. I want to increase my independence from my parents and I want to improve my ability to adapt well in any environment

I wonder how Americans spend Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which are not common in Korea. And I wonder how American food would be like. Usually, foreign food is sold in Korea, but the taste and cooking process are different. I want to eat traditional American food while I live with an American family

Also, I want to experience the characteristics of my peers in America and develop myself while I attending an American high school. I found out that K-Pop is famous all over the world. I want to communicate with Americans who like K-Pop by teaching them songs and dances. And I want to experience the traditional American culture. Also, I want to cook simple Korean food for my host family

My family is Christian, so I go to church every Sunday. My mother is a teacher for the high school students at church and I have been a singer for 5 years in the worship team.

My father is an electrical safety manager and my mother was a high school science teacher. My father is quiet, but he always takes care of me, and my mother is very kind and always takes me at ease like a friend. When I was a student studying in China before, I went to a private international school in China. I experienced various activities such as yoga, cooking, and street dancing. I went to school with my friends while living in dormitory

My personality is bright, positive, and curious. My hobbies are drawing and playing piano. I like watching movies, listening to music, singing, dancing, and reading books. I was in the gifted class from 5th grade to middle school. This class is an after-school class that learns math and science. I learned principles of science and mathematics through scientific experiments.

This activity was impressive. When I was 2nd grade in Middle school, I was selected by UNESCO to participate in the “World Civil Service Class for Middle School Students” every week. Through UNESCO activities, I learned about world culture. I was impressed by this activity because I am interested in other countries.

While attending middle school in Korea, I did volunteer work with my mother for 8 hours every Saturday. I had to clean up, help out with meals, and talk with the elderly. Watching the loneliness and illness of the elderly, I began to understand and appreciate the elderly. Also, I went to a nursing home from school when I attended a Chinese school. I learned a lot from preparing performances and massage for the elderly in China. Although I can’t speak Chinese well, I was impressed through volunteer work. They cried while watching the performance I prepared with my friends. I’ve learned that it’s a beautiful thing to impress

I have been attending board game meetings with my mom since 5th grade. The various themes of the board game and the wonderful illustrations and compositions were very interesting. When I realized that board games were not only fun, but also that mathematical principles were hidden in the game, I felt familiar with math that I hated. There is also the advantage that everyone can play together. After that, I fell in love with board games and I want to make board games in the future. I hope people all over the world will know about board games.

When I went to China to study, I was not interested in language, but I was interested in talking to Chinese people. After that, I wanted to learn many languages. I hope to communicate with many foreigners. Thank you for volunteering even though a year is not a short time. I want to make great memories while living in America.

Thank you for reading this letter.

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